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but who prophisised it? wasnt it the guys that wrote the bible that said all those things? maybe there was now jesus but ppl that made a religion, oh and did you notice almost all of the religious leaders were introdused at the same time? also all of the religions have basicaly the same bible. and also if the pope can speak directly to god, why did he go on the crusades and do exactly what hitler tryed to do? also i expect his body to still be there, and of course other writings about hinm made in the time he was alive. and why did he come then? nothing big was happening, if god is really out there and is watching over us, why doesnt he stop evil dictartors? if you pray to god, to help you win the lottery good luck. god could care less about you. also i got a problem with that whole virgin mary thing, i highly doubt that any married couple would refrain from having sex throughout there lives. and also nowadays because of how messed up its got, if someone tried to tell a married couple they were to have the child of god, the husband would pull out his shotgun and blow his head off! i believe there is a god, but no divine creation of his. also that god is not a person. he is a thing, everything, you cant talk to him, have ask him to save you, help you, anything. god does not care about you, me, anyone. also if its true it all started with adem and eve then how were they able to tlak? its been proven that no writen or spoken language was persent for thousands of years after humans came into existance. as i believe it the uneverse was blank, nothing, then a sound, a sngle wave came through, and thus that disturbance created the world, and do you know what that one wave was? god. now why was there a wave? you tell me, also tell me why i am wrong, tell me why there is now proof that jesus did not appear in nonformal writings until after 100 years of his death. and i'll tell you how that is just bull, religious banter, and that even evoplution of the dinosaurs and geoledgy aslo prooves that the bible was wrong. but what i want to see is solid proof that jesus is real. teach me the way jesus was supposed to.

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