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Originally Posted by TheWizard
Show me proof jesus ever lived. Only one mention of him in history (the bible) and that was written a 100 years after he died.

Don't you think there would have been many mentions of a man who rose from the dead and cured people. He couldn't even save his own life.
There sure are many written texts appart from the Bible that talk about jesus. The Gnostic gospels talk about him (despite having a different viewpoint on the whole situation) as well as many genealogies including him.

As for prophesies about his life, he was profesied to be born in the house of Jesse, in the family of King David, to a Virgin, in a Manger, in the town of Bethlehem. It was prophesied that he would die on a cross, and raise from the dead in three days. There are hundreds of them- and they all came true. Coinsidence, or proof that He existed?

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