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Default Ok here's a fact sort of

In canada it is like 95 cent's a litre i think. And just to tell ya the candian dollor to americans is 75 cent's. It are car is pardon my language but crapy, but it saves on gas it's a chevy cavalier 2003 /2004 and a tank lasts a week. We spend alot of time going back and forth to my house and the town, and it's like 15 20 minutes to town so. But it costs us about 35.00/45.00 candian dollors per a tank and also AMERICANS DON'T COPMLAIN YOUR GAS IS LIKE BUYING DIRT IT IS SO CHEAP.

You calling me a gay pyshcopathic freak. Gay no, pyshcopathic yes, freak of course, anything else you want to say, *waits* ok then, that\'s settled. oh no hear come the voices gotta go *runs like a (no offence) gay 3 yr old that has seen a ghost in his closet*.
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