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I have been away for a few days, but am back.

"This is not entirely true. That was one of the most controversial things to have been said/done in the Catholic Church."
Yes it is true because you just said it is, just because it was controversial does not mean it was not there. To me it makes perfect sense that you would not allow people who can not produce children to marry in a group that says gay marriage is wrong because the marriage does not produce anything. But gay marriage is controversial, does that mean it is not an issue and should also be supported?

So your telling me my first friends traumatic event that mentally affected her so much that it changed her sexuality was that her parents were really nice? With the rate of divorce in this country, if divorce could cause people to change sexuality, we would defiantly have a heck of a lot more homosexuals. I think if you look into anyone’s history you would see some negative events (or even) very positive events, and that has not affected their sexuality.

Well if you want to disagree with scientific evidence, then fine. But please do not try and distort what the studies found.

I realize there is no way not to offend people when you get into heated debates. Simply we have to remember that we are not trying to change each other’s views, just expressing our own.
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