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Actually more peopels lives would be saved.

A survey found only a 1/3 of Ecstacy tablets actually contain MDMA. This rings true to other drugs, the impurities. People get PMA in tablets which is extremly dangerous. Drug dealers fund their gangs through drug trafficking, thousands of people die every year from heroin overdose? Why?

The drugs are being controlled by the black market, people will ALWAYS take drugs, it doesnt matter if they are legal or not. IT just shows that the current drug war, which has been running for over 20 years, is terribly failing as more people are doing hard drugs.

So perhaps if drugs were controlled, regulated and supplied by the government, or privae organisations. Millions of peoples lives will be saved.

And as far as public safety is concerned, its unlikely people will jump to buying drugs because they are legal. Methadone treatment for heroin addicts proves that weaning people off drugs with drugs is more succesfull than conventional drug rehab./

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