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Default "hate" and "i fear the night"

a double-feature:

Hate is a common feeling
It filles my lungs with such a
Toxic air
Until i can't breathe.
THen i want to die.
But i don't.

Hate is such a silent killer,
It kills what is
Vitaal to be human
The heart

Hate is like laughter.
It spreads like wildfire
And When it strikes,
it goes for the kill

But i don't hate.
I can't
I don't know how


I fear the spreading darkness
That i know is inevitable
It spans from dusk till dawn
A time where my demons come out

Even though i haven't cut
In almost two whole months,
I still can't help desiring
To see the fluid called 'Life'

Every once in a while,
I'll experience what i call a "Test"
During this very long night,
My inner strength will be put to the test

Usually my 'other' in my head
Will constantly talk to me
Filing my head with thoughts
That i'm 'useless, a waste, or worse

I usually find my self on my bed
Feeling as if my skin is crawling
Extreme thoughts enter my head
That make me think of cutting

I'm alone...always have been
I can't imagine it ever changing
How can a person help another
When they can't even help themselves...?

I have problem with trust
I find it difficult to beleive
That someone who knows the police
Will not cal because they're "Worried"

I've never seen a therapist
You could say i 'fear' them.
Though i want to tell somone,
Problem is: I have no friends

That is the main reason why i post here,
I know that no one knows who i am...
I like being anonmous.
Every one knows ONLY
What i want them to

No one knows what i look like,
How i talk, if i have an accent.
If i have curious scars on my arms;
Or not.

Every second, of every minute,
Of every hour, of every day,
I just want to take the closest object
With a point and jab it into the
First piece of skin i see on my body,
But i dont, I wonder why...

I like "Law and Order"
Last year i could watch the
Grisy images without a problem
Now, my skin crawls at the sight of blood on TV

WHY? Just Why? But alas,
I will always fear the night...
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