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Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by Shaolin
cosmos you are very immature.

Just because your terrible at holding up your argument, and you cant justify anything you say, doesn't mean you ahve to resort to childish methods of debate.

Cannabis is not what you think it is, make a judgement when you've seen it's use first hand, read about it's effect on the body.

You will probably use it sometime in your life.
im never going to use it in my life, i can resort to any methods of debate i want to, and i dont need to back up anything i say because everything i say is fact. only losers spend hours writing long fancy posts with capitalized words to show off
mhmm Im a loser...yes.

Your pathetic attempt at trying to piss me off with the "everything i say is fact" sentance, is terrible. I mean you should atleast learn how to master sarcasm.

growww uppppppppppp

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