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To be honest, i think the effects of drugs really dont make a diference. Even if cannabis did kill brain cells and turn you into a walking vegatible.....

Does that mean people who have a problem with the drug, who are addicted need a prison sentance?

Do people whos lifes revolve around drugs need a 4 walled cell rather than medical treatment?

Is it criminal to damage your own body? If so why isn't cutting yourself illegal? Why are we allowed to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco>

ALl drugs should be legal, even heroin and cocaine. The only way to deal with this (as proven by holland, adn the US's failing drug war) is to legalise the drugs, take the drugs out of the hands of criminals and treat those that live for drugs, if they choose to need treatment. Those who use drugs recreationally and still function adequatly as they would without drugs should be allowed to do what they want with themselves.

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