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well, first of all, i too respect what you say. however...

The Catholic Church, in the past did not marry heterosexual couples that could not produce children for the same root reason why the Catholic Church does not marry homosexual couples.
this is not entirely true. that was one of the most contraversial things to have been said/done in the catholic church.

How many homosexuals do you know? When you use the term "the gays" you make it sound like it’s an alien race that you have met only a few times.
terribly sorry to any homosexuals, i meant absolutely nothing by it. i will try to remember that it may be offensive. and countless numbers.

One of them grew up in a regular rich family; his parents are even a closer couple then my parents.
was he neglected because they were so tight? was he perhaps, smothered?

The second is this girl who is one of the sweetest girls in my school, her parents got a divorce a few years ago, but it was not a rocky divorce, it was an agreed upon decision
no matter what was agreed apon, it was still a divorce. divorce is quite difficult on children. even if they don't show it, or don't even know it, they may still be trammatized by such an event.

I have said earlier, their are 63 so far identified animals that naturally have a homosexual portion of their population. (Including, dogs, cats, gorillas, and dragonflies) In many of these animals, these populations benefit the continuation of their species. This is because with no children of their own they help guard, and raise fellow animals in their pack.
i have read about this. it is of course, a much different case in humans. first off, i do not believe it is full blown homosexuality, it think it is an instinct to protect the young in animals. the homosexuals do no such thing. there is no because 'without children of their own... they protect other young...' etc.

ps: i am sorry to have offended any homosexuals, and this will remain true throughout my posts.

pps: i will be out of town for a week so if i don't post, im not ignoring you.

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