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fearus, I am not angry and respect what you said, but hear me out on a few pieces of information.

Yes you could say homosexual sex is unnatural because the penis is not meant to go in the butt. The penis is meant to go in the vagina. Some alien could ask why? What is the point of this natural ritual? And they would be told that in heterosexual sex the penis is put in the vagina and releases sperm to fertilize the egg. Why? The alien might ask? Well because sex is meant to produce children.
You are right, nature (god, etc...) clearly made men and women in a certain way to do a certain act, but if you are using condoms, or anything designed to prevent pregnancy then that’s unnatural. What is natural is using your body parts as nature wanted you to, and there would be some form of natural condom if nature designed the human body for sex without pregnancy. Also oral sex is just as unnatural as homosexual sex. Yet people use condoms, and lots of people who believe they are having sex like nature wanted, also take part in oral sex. The Catholic Church, in the past did not marry heterosexual couples that could not produce children for the same root reason why the Catholic Church does not marry homosexual couples. The Catholic Church said God intended marriage to produce more people, and one that cannot is a sin. Yet today they do marry couples that cannot produce children.

How many homosexuals do you know? When you use the term "the gays" you make it sound like it’s an alien race that you have met only a few times. I have 12 close friends, three of them are gay. One of them grew up in a regular rich family; his parents are even a closer couple then my parents. The second is this girl who is one of the sweetest girls in my school, her parents got a divorce a few years ago, but it was not a rocky divorce, it was an agreed upon decision. Was a little sad but not that bad, both parents were very supportive. The last is Jason, we have been friends since Pre School and have done lots of the same stuff, sports, classes, same friends, and we live a few blocks apart. He had a regular childhood, and he is gay, but I am not. If he could "catch it" I would have too.
In the 50's programs came out to try and help homosexuals become hetero again, because it’s unnatural and if it is unnatural then we can fix it. These programs continued into the 70's when a research group looked over the data on people put through the program. They found out, looking at everything from the few decades, and from all the private programs the success rate was put at a percentage of 0.0% to 0.1%. This is one of the reasons why most of the medical world today does not look at homosexuality as a mental disability. As I have said earlier, their are 63 so far identified animals that naturally have a homosexual portion of their population. (Including, dogs, cats, gorillas, and dragonflies) In many of these animals, these populations benefit the continuation of their species. This is because with no children of their own they help guard, and raise fellow animals in their pack.
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