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i think that being gay is not natural. i have nothing against gays, most of the ones i know are really nice. however, there is no ignoring the facts. the body of a mail has a digit between the legs. the female body has a hole. the two fit together like puzzle pieces. the other hole on the womens and mans body, the sphyncter, produces fecies. the penis, of course, produces spirm, and the womans body produces eggs. the two mix magicly and produce life. if thats not natural, i don't know what is.

during 'striaght' intercorse, both the male and female parts, if operating functionaly,produce lub to allow the penis to penetrate easier. there are so many ways that the male and female parts fit together, that it is uncanny. now lets look at a couple of forms of gay intercorse. one is like pushing two square pegs together. it is just not natural and they don't fit. another is, more simmilar to the m/f way, however, the buttux produces no said lubs and is mad for exit only.

thirdly, all the gays that i have ever met had some sort of tramma growing up. i suspect that that is what caused them to become gay. i even know several who have admitted so. so that is unnatural.

now, i know that i have just pissed off a lot of people, however, am not a homofobe. believe it or not. i do not believe it is natural, but i except them. i donot believe we should stone them to death as the bible says, and i do not think that they should be completely shunned from society, i just wish that they would keep to themselves a little better. therefore, i say nay to gay mirrage. it is a sacred thing.

and to wiz. sin is based on morals. so is there no ultimate consequence for not having morals? are you tossing out morals?

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