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Default Offical Rock Poll

What is your favorite type of rock.

Metal-includes metalica, system of a down, korn, meadeath, ramstien,
slipknot, kill swithc engage, etc.

Punk- also known as "real punk", includes the clash, sex pistols, the ramones, rancid, the casualties, etc.

Pop Punk- or "sell out punk", includes blink182, simple plan, sugar cult, good charlotte, yellow card. etc.

Soft rock- groups that are not all soft, but most hits are softer rock, includes three doors down, nickleback, etc.

Indie rock- independant rock, includes franz fernandez, pixies, blur, tortise, etc.

Grunge- seattle rock movement, nirvana, pearl jam, soundgarden, alice in chains, mudhoney, love battery, greenriver(became perl jam and soundgarden), etc

Jam bands- classified as "pot head or acid hippie groups" include phish, the flaming lips, m.o.e., string cheese incident, dave mathews band, etc.

classic rock- old school, includes anything over 20 years ago, from beatles to led zepplin, ac/dc, rolling stones, the doors, the who, beach boys, good classic shit.

Alt rock- alternative rock or whatever name, it is just a name for every group not certanly grouped, but I mean the, smart rock, adult rock, intelectual music. Includes Elvis Costelo, They Might BE Giants, the talking heads, even [gulp] Wierd Al Yankovitch or any wierd out rock group.

Did I miss any? probably, I'll fix it later.

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