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Originally Posted by cosmos
The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Researchers have found that THC changes the way in which sensory information gets into and is acted on by the hippocampus. This is a component of the brain's limbic system that is crucial for learning, memory, and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivations. Investigations have shown that THC suppresses neurons in the information-processing system of the hippocampus. In addition, researchers have discovered that learned behaviors, which depend on the hippocampus, also deteriorate.

Thats an excerpt from, which can't possibly be controlled by the government nor blatent liars like your bullshit paper does a bad job of trying to prove.
Im guessing your about 12 years old. You obviously haven't had enough history lessons. Look up propaganda in the dictionary, and how governments use it. George Bush and hte US government are using black propaganda in everything from War to immigration to drugs, everything!

Hardly unbiased scientific data, it made me laugh how the URL was "theantidrug".

And if you think the govenrment tell the truth all the time you are extrmely naive.

Yes cannabis use does have an effect on the brain, of course it does thats the point of it. But so does alcohol and a wide range of legal substances.
Show me a website that says it does 'permanent damage' and only permanent.

You don't understand anything about drugs kid.

If your dumb enough to believe cannabis causes brain damage, as the government likes to point you towards believing (but cant actually say it flat out as it would be BLATENT black propaganda)...

Then the 1 in 3 people who have used the substance would have some kind of brain damage and resulting brain disorder. Hmm 33.33% of the population brain damaged.....Hardly.

Keep your mind open, don't believe the first thing you hear and you won't be so easily fooled by the first thing you hear. Because thats what the pump your head with from a young age, drugs are BAAAD mmmmkay kids!!!

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