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Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by maximan
Originally Posted by The CEO
drugs are bad.....u might like it,, but ill mess u up in the long run. It should remain ilegal, and i hate the whole xcuse that if ur bi-polar u could do weed, thats not a freakin excuse.
I just posted a paper completely disproving that marijuana is bad, and you still use the same stupid stubborn arguement? Wow, thats intelligent
Oh and your paper disproves the FDA and all the scientists and doctors in the world (who are surely smarter than you because they have been through med school)
If you'd have read the paper, you'd notice most of my sources are from doctoral studies and medical websites, and professional studies. And the FDA? It's controlled by the government, who blatently lies about the effects of marijuana. If you honestly think at this point that the government is honest, then you need more schooling. Plus, the government hasn't studied marijuana since the 1960's, and refuse to update their information, which was conducted when the government was trying to find an excuse to oust hippies.
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