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The drug war CANNOT be won. In no way, no matter how strict the penalties people will indulge in the freedom to ingest whatever they want, wether it be bleach or heroin. The law cant stop that.

Guess what people - Holland has one of the lowest class A drug useages in Europe. The UK has the highest!

In Holland you can goto a clinic and inject heroin under supervision of medical professionals, with clean needles etc

The problem with keeping drugs illegal is, it keeps them in the black market - many bad people are making alot of money out of selling impure drugs and using that money to fund whatever the fuck they want, wars, guns whatever...

The truth is, as shown by example in Holland - Criminilsation of users does NOT work, it makse the situation worse. Addiction is a real problem, and you cannot simply clean the streets of drugs, if people want to use them they can make them in their houses or grow them or goto coutnries where they are legal!

People who are addicted to hard drugs have a dependancy and many would admit they don't like it, and want to stop. But having to pay high prices for drugs you need (or you DIE - heroin withdrawl for example) you can goto great lengths to get that money, like mug or kill someone.

Giving people Methadone for heroin addiction has helped the problem especially in the US, and the government is afraid to admit it.

That they are wasting tax payer money on a war no one can ever win. The battles already lost, drugs will exist laws or no laws, police or no police.

You can't stop people from living 'alternate' lifestyles just because YOU dont agree with it.


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