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Originally Posted by The CEO
drugs are bad.....u might like it,, but ill mess u up in the long run. It should remain ilegal, and i hate the whole xcuse that if ur bi-polar u could do weed, thats not a freakin excuse.
Drugs are bad for what reason? Is it because -

People take them for recreation? If that's the case - ban chocolate, ban alcohol, ban cigarettes, ban Salvia, ban Quat, ban caffeine.....etc

Because they are addictive? - if thats the case - ban nicotene, ban chocolate, ban caffeine, ban alcohol, ban pain killers.....etc

They do you harm in the long term - Interesting statement, yes some drugs are dangerous if used abusivly in high doses.

Because they lead to harder drugs - in that case - ban alcohol, ban cigarettes...etc

The truth is the drug war is extremly biased, the government is feeding lies. Cannabis use destroys brain toxic doses well above the range of practical application in rats! oooo rats...they are ever so similiar to the human brain.

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