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Just because i smoke cannabis doesnt mean i don't know it can be harmful if used irresponsably, just like you can use alcohol irresponsibly and die from liver failure, withdrawl, get permenanet liver damage, addiction potential extremly high (especially in comparison to Marijuana).

Cannabis has bad effects too, but these only occur in a minority of users (just like in alcohol users) and usually result from irresponsible out of hand use.

Which soudns safer? Drinking a litre of whisky in 5minutes? Or smoking an ounce of cannabis in 5minutes, which is a huge amount.

Cannabis impairs short term memory, this is because dopamine the brains natural reward chemical floods the memory neurons, yet this is a temporary effect of using cannabis in high doses for a long period of time, and dissapears (as indicated even by government funded studies).

There are no long term irreversable effects of cannabis.

Smoking tobacco can give you cancer of all sorts, drinking alcohol can give you permanent liver damage.

Now tell me why is cannabis illegal and alcohol not? I know the answer but do you? Im expecting the "drugs are bad mmkay" response, along with "mm alcohol is not a drug mmkay".

Consider yourself pwned.

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