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Originally Posted by cosmos
the only data you have on the effects of drugs are your personal experiences that they "make me feel good"

thats not data, thats nothing. in fact im not even going to fight this because im so tired.... ill probably post later and pwn u
Funny that...The only data i have on the effects of drugs are my personal experiances?

I know the chemical structures and active ingredients of many of the drugs i have taken. I have read both biased and unbiased information.

The only information you appear to be getting is the whole drugs are bad mmkay argument put foreward to you in a few classes.

Care to pwn me on the issue of Cannabis, Tetrahydracannibol-delta-9 being the active ingredient which gets you 'high'.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of's effects have been well known and documented from the start of mankind.

How many people have died from a toxic overdose of cannabis....0! thats right! 0!

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