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Originally Posted by cosmos
drugs should be illegal, they are illegal, will always be illegal, and no matter how much you potheads rant the laws will never changes
Rant and Rave all we will.

It's childish minds like you who are so naive and brainless that you can't form your own opinion. Yeah get all your information from the govenrment propaganda filling your classrooms, EVERYWhere you go.

Drugs are bad mmkay...! THey do this to you bad bad bad

I miss to see why they dont tell you the good things drugs give you? Tempting is it? Amotivational syndrome? oooo give a fancy scary pants scientific word for being stoned! smart US government there, using fear again to drive politics.

XTASY = BRAIN DEFF? OMGFZZZ?R! ....That might be what the government are telling you, but it's not the chief designer in the drug (Alexander Shulgin, Phd) - Who happens to have worked for the DEA, who said the drug does NO brain damage.

Challenge me on this issue and you cannot win. Facists, never win anyway.

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