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Originally Posted by cosmos
^^^^ and you know this because you are a scientist and have done extensive testing yourself?
Ah what a small mind we have here.

Did you know that President Nixon pooled a team of the USA's top notchys in research, scientists, mathematicians (statistics), psychologists etc to find out about the effects of smoking pot and make recommendations towards the drug law.

What did they say? They wanted complete legalisaton, they found many of the studies the government had 'funded' were biased, completly biased. No pot does NOT kill brain cells, pot does no permanent damge to harm.

No victim no Crime!!!

And i agree, i think a doctor should be able to prescribe heroin and cocaine, and yes it has been PROVEN to work that people who sell drugs who are established figures in society (eg coffeshops in amsterdam, heroin shooting galleries etc) that it cuts the dealer out of this, he doesnt make a profit, and the drug isnt contaminated.

I thought the US was all about freedom? Why is it you don't have the freedom to put whatever you want in your body. It perfectly fine to eat mcdonalds and ruin your body, smoke and ruin yoru body, drink alcohol, heck drink bleach, it will damage you? But having a little fun is against the law?

I see that as infringement on personal liberty and freedoms.

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