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i dont know about y'all that much but i can say this much men are hornier because we have sex for the feel, the pleasure(most anyway). and women have sex for the passion, hence intercourse being refered to as making love. that would also explain why women have more orgasms, as i have seen women have more tollerance for physical feelings; i.e. child birth, giving them a more receptive type nerve structure. also this can be explained in primal instincts. you see a woman is made more sensitive so she gets "hot" faster so her vigina gets slick and ready for "male involvement" and the man gets wiped becuse his body is set to blow its load fast and all of it at once, which explains why men get orgasms faster but women are ready and get more. oh and the reasons why our bodys are this way is because we still have animal instincts per-say.
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