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I am sorry it has been so long, I found out this morning, my boyfriend, Curtis James Harlan, 14, known him since he was born, (im 4 months older than him and we were neighbors), Died at 10:18 central time in surgery after a car accident. They thought he was going to be fine after his first surgery. They didn't get all of his infection out. 2 weeks ago he was in a car accident. A Klan member smashed straight into him and died but Curtis was strong. He was sent into surgery and let out 3 days later. After that he was going to need physical therapy. The doctors noticed some infection building and it needed removed. He died in surgery. I have a picture of him if anyone wants to see it. What I want is Prayers, not Tears. I purchased his funeral and will be attending it Tuesday. I also payed off his medical bills. And always remember, pray, don't cry.
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