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fighterpilot360 April 25th, 2018 06:55 PM

reasons for cutting
in the past year ive taken up a new hobby, cutting..... im not proud of it but its there. i also know it isnt the best thing for me.....

i do it because it helps me relieve my stress, ive also done it because i have panic attacks where i cant breath si i cut hard to scream and open my airway...

i would like to know why you cut and if you have any suggestions on how to stop my new habit.

Sere April 25th, 2018 11:44 PM

Re: reasons for cutting
Hey there,
First try not to think of it as a hobby, that isn't a good way to look at it as it could make you feel less sensitized to the harm it causes you
Im not sure what you mean fully by open your airway but please do see a professional fo help with stress, you can get treatment and it may help you quite a bit in the end~
Here's a link to a post on how to help yourself stop cutting:

Alumni April 26th, 2018 12:18 AM

Re: reasons for cutting
I used to self-harm because it simply felt like a sense of overwhelming relief.

The pain made me feel sane, it made me feel what my head was feeling in a physical manner.

Eventually, after the scarring on my wrists was visible, I got my act together. I learned to get over it and release my pain in healthier efforts, I did sports. I'm glad I did it too, I really felt like I was doing something decent for once.

I've met multiple people who have this issue. My ex-girlfriend and a friend I had also self-harmed. It helped when I talked to them. Once I was in a good spot, it helped me get them out too.

Just find something you love and hold it tight. Do something that is fun, good, and productive for you. Keep your head out of the clouds in a suitable fashion for you.

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