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Welcome to the Virtual Teen forums. By registering, you agree to and accept to follow the rules, terms of service (ToS), disclaimer, and privacy policy of Violations of any of these documents will result in warnings, infractions, freezes, and permanent bans. Virtual Teen administration has the right to ban accounts at their discretion.

To register on Virtual Teen Forums (VT), you must be between the ages of 13 and 19. If you are over 19 at the time of registration, your account will be terminated without question.

Members who join before age 13 will have their account frozen until they are 13 in order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Members who registered while they were a teenager are welcome to stay past the age of 19, assuming they continue to behave in an appropriate manner on the forums. The staff reserve the right to ban a user at any time at their discretion. All ban reasons are kept confidential within the staff. Should you feel the need to inquire about a ban, you may ask an administrator, however, there is no guarantee you will be given any information.

Regarding lying about age: If you are found lying about the age you put in your profile, the following will happen:

If the age in your profile is inconsistent with the age you claim in your posts. If you read the PM and elect not to reply, your account will be banned 24 hours from then. If you reply, we'll talk it out and get it fixed, assuming that it doesn't break any other rules. If this is found happening again, your account will be immediately banned.

If you state your age in a post, and the age differs from your profile age, but it puts you either overage or underage for VT, your account will be banned or frozen (respectively).


Spamming: Spamming is not permitted on VT. Spam is defined as any content that does not contribute to a thread, i.e. advertising links to websites, products, or other third party services. The specific definition of spam may vary slightly from forum to forum (such as the VT Arcade or personal diaries), and more detailed guidelines can be found in the rules of individual forums.

Excessive spamming may result in warnings, infractions, restrictions, freezes, or bans. If you are unsure if posting a certain a link is considered spam, consult a staff member. If you see another user spamming, report the post and a staff member will handle it accordingly.

Consecutive Posting: Multiple posting (when a user posts consecutively in a thread and/or creates duplicate threads) is not permitted. Rather than posting like this, use the “edit” or “multiquote” buttons found at the bottom of your post. If you are found double posting often, you will be warned by a moderator, and possibly infracted.

A user is allowed to double post in their own thread, assuming it is not excessive (no more than two posts in a row). Also, double posting is permitted in certain diaries if the owner permits it as well as in certain arcade threads.

Language: Swearing and cursing may help some people “vent” or express their emotion, and what they are going through. Therefore, we do permit the use of these words when appropriate. However, it is not tolerated to direct this kind of language to any member at any time.

Bumping Threads: Bumping threads on Virtual Teen is not permitted. Bumping threads is defined as posting in old threads. On VT, bump rule is 2 months in all forums except in the following forums, where it is unlimited:

- Arcade

- Member forums

In addition to the above, a user may bump their own thread, no matter how old it is.

Arguments with Other Members There is to be no flaming, fighting, bashing, or trolling anywhere on VT. While you are permitted to debate and challenge others’ ideas, do so in a respectful manner. If you are only looking to start fights between members, you may be warned or infracted.

If you are found flaming, fighting, bashing, or trolling, you will be warned, infracted, frozen, or banned depending on the severity of the attack. VT is a welcoming community and this rule is taken seriously. Keep in mind that guests can see these threads, and seeing members attacking one another will give them a negative view of our site and may discourage them from registering if they feel it is not a welcoming environment. If you feel you are being attacked at any time while on VT, contact a staff member.

Trolling: Trolling VirtualTeen is not permitted. The act of trolling is defined by a user creating threads or posts that are deliberately off-topic or looking to cause unnecessary debate, and they only serve to annoy other members. This includes (but is not limited to) creating threads, posts, or messages that bash other members, complain about them, or excessive requests for a staff member to perform a certain action.

Forum Language: When posting on the forums, you must use English. VirtualTeen is an English speaking forum, and other languages are not permitted anywhere unless directly permitted by a staff member. Failure to follow this rule will result in warnings or infractions.

Requesting Personal Information from Others: Publicly, you are not permitted to request any personal information (such as contact information, pictures, phone numbers, etc.) from other users for any reason. This includes the Visitor Messaging system, threads, posts, and the About Me section. Should you enable Private Messaging, other users may PM you requesting offsite contact information (such as an IM handle or email address). This is permitted, but only if you are going to use it for appropriate reasons (meaning you, and anyone involved will not use it to sexually cam, for example). If you are found giving out or requesting personal contact information for the wrong reasons, you may warned, infracted, restricted, or banned without question or notice. As a sidenote, staff members are allowed to have a VT staff email link in their signature.

Remember, you are not obligated to give any user your contact details, photograph, or any personal information at any time while on VT. If you feel another user is harassing you for your personal information, use the report button on the Private Message itself, or contact an administrator directly. Further information regarding offsite content can be found here.

Information Regarding User Accounts: Attempting to access another member’s account (one that you did not register) is prohibited. If you are found in violation of this rule, you will be banned.

Throughout your time on VirtualTeen, you are only allowed to register a single account. If you create another account while already having access to your original, the duplicate account will be banned and your original account will be frozen for a week. If you create another account after this, all accounts will be banned. If you are banned and attempt to make another account, not only will it be banned but your IP Address will be banned from the site entirely. Under no circumstances are you ever allowed to have more than one account for any reason unless otherwise granted by an Administrator. If you forgot your password, email [email protected] rather than making a new account. Sharing accounts with other users, banned or not is also against VT rules and is grounds for a ban.

Profile and/or Post Editing by Staff: Changing, editing, or reverting any edit made to your post(s), signature, or profile by any member of the VT staff is not tolerated, and will result in an infraction. If something is found to be inappropriate, offensive, or against the site’s rules in your post, a moderator will PM you letting you know why. If it is found in your profile or signature, a moderator will PM you requesting you remove it within 24 hours. If you ignore this request, it will be removed by a senior staff member, and you will be infracted for disobeying that staff member. If you are not online during this 24 hour period, it will be removed, but you will not be penalized as you did not have a chance to read the message.

Soliciting Members: Soliciting members in any form is not tolerated. This includes (but is not limited to) requesting:

  • Pictures and/or video through Snapchat, KIK or other similar services
  • Explicit Skyping or “webcamming”
  • Cyber sex of any kind
  • Requests to meet, hookup, or any kind of physical contact
  • A member’s address, family information, school, etc.
If you are found doing any of these actions listed above, or anything a member of staff feels is inappropriate, you will be banned without question or warning. We strongly advise members not to give out any personal information to anyone no matter how much you feel you can trust them.

If you feel you are being solicited at any time by a VT member, on or offsite, contact a staff member immediately, and provide all relevant screenshots and other evidence that you have. We take these matters very seriously, and would like to keep our community as safe as possible for everyone.


Advertising: Making threads or posts with the purpose of advertising websites, products, or services are not permitted on VirtualTeen. When relevant (such as a source of information you used in a post, a resource to help a member, etc) you are permitted to post links. Any links to hacking, cracking, warez, illegal torrenting, etc. will be removed, and you may be infracted for posting such links. If you are ever unsure about whether or not you may link to a website, contact a staff member.

Explicit Content: Explicit content is prohibited throughout all of VT. Explicit content includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Pornographic content, material, and/or links
  • Images of self harm in any form
  • Stories of a sexual nature
  • Pictures of any kind of illegal drug, underage drug use, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
  • Gruesome, racist, or slanderous images, texts, and/or video

It is at the discretion of a moderator as to what may constitute as explicit content. If you are unsure about posting something or you see content that you believe should be removed, contact a moderator directly or report the post(s) in question.

Promoting Illegal Activities: Any content that encourages or facilitates illegal activities such as warez, illegal drug use, underage drinking/smoking, etc. are strictly prohibited in any form. Any links to websites that provide this kind of content will be removed, and you may be infracted or banned. It is absolutely prohibited to encourage suicide, self harm, drug use, or anything that may cause harm, physically or emotionally, to any member.

Signatures: Members are permitted to advertise their personal websites or blogs in their signatures. You are responsible for making sure any content in your signature is SFW (safe for work). You may have any text or signature image that you like assuming it is not hurtful, racist, or slanderous towards another user, person, government, or group of people. Below is a simple list outlining what is and is not permitted in signatures. Note if you post an external link, the content of the site or blog must follow VT’s rules (i.e. no pornography, cracking, etc...)

Acceptable Content Includes (but is not limited to):

  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Blogspot
  • Livejournal
  • Pinterest
  • Quotes (assuming they aren’t slanderous)
  • Any other appropriate text or images may be posted. If you are unsure about any text or images, ask a moderator.

Unacceptable Content Includes (but is not limited to):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pornographic Websites
  • Illegal Hacking/Cracking Resources
  • Illicit torrents
  • 4chan (or any other “chan” site)
  • Embedded YouTube videos. Links themselves, as long as the video complies with wider side rules, however, are fine.
  • Links to promote a specific YouTube channel.
  • or other similar sites

Any kind of offsite contact information (which includes prompts to it), including (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Skype, Oovoo and Google+
  • KIK and Whatsapp
  • AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, and ICQ
  • iMessage addresses and Blackberry Messenger PINs
  • Gamertags (PSN, Xbox Live, etc... [note these are permitted in the about me section of your profile.])
  • Personal Contact Information (i.e. a phone number or address)
  • Gorey, vulgar, racist, or illicit text or images
  • Any images of self harm or any triggering images in general
  • Any sexual content or remarks (i.e. penis size, interests etc.)
  • Obscenely large text (i.e. Size 6 and greater)
  • Asking people to “add you” or to “email me”

If a moderator sees any content which is not permitted, they will send you a PM giving you 24 hours to remove the content. If you ignore this warning, a Senior Staff member will remove it for you and you will be infracted. Note that Senior Staff members may edit your signature first, and then PM you explaining why.

Posting Pictures and Albums: Members may post photographs of themselves either on the forums or in designated places that include: avatars, profile pictures, and the VT Photo Album in The White Padded Room.


  • Pictures of yourself shirtless (guys) or in a bikini top while wearing either pants or shorts for girls.
  • Pictures of yourself shirtless (guys) or in a bikini.
  • Pictures of yourself shirtless (guys) or in a bikini in a mirror shot showing full body from the waist up including face.

Not permitted:

  • Pictures in a sexual pose for example hands on your crotch, hands on your breast.
  • Pictures of yourself in your underwear/bra
  • Pictures taken of just your body (faceless)
  • Pictures of another person without you in the picture.
  • Pictures not of you with the intent to deceive others into thinking it really is you.
  • Pictures that depict, deface or humiliate a person(s) in any way.
  • For girls: Topless pictures are not allowed even if they aren't taken in a sexual way.
  • Sexual pictures of any sorts.

Furthermore, the removal and allowance of pictures on the site is at a moderator’s discretion. If a picture is not specified in these guidelines, a moderator may still ask you to remove it or remove it themselves. Re-posting a removed picture will be considered disobeying staff, and will result in an infraction.

Senior Staff members can request a photo verification of yourself containing your face, and a piece of paper handwritten with your username and User ID if they have a reasonable suspicion to believe you are not who you portray yourself to be on this site. Your User ID is the number after the “u=” on the URL of your profile page. If you fail to produce this image within 24 hours of reading the message, you will be banned.

Other Guidelines

Private Messaging: In order to send Private Messages (PMs) you need to have at least 100 posts. If you have less than 100, you may receive PMs from other users, however, you will be unable to reply to them until you reach 100 posts. However, you may PM any staff members regardless of your post count. Spamming the forums (i.e. bumping threads, leaving one-word answers, etc.) with intent to unlock the PM system will result in posts being deleted. If you continue to spam, warnings and/or infractions might be issued, and Private Messaging privileges could be completely removed. Members are allowed to request basic contact information (i.e skype, email, kik, etc.) as long as they do not have intentions of abusing the system (see below). Remember, you are not obligated to give a member any kind of information if you are not comfortable doing so. If you feel somebody is sending you abusive messages (see below for a definition of this behavior) you should click the report button (the yield sign) on the Private Message itself, or send a PM to a staff member.

Examples of Abuse of the PM System:

  • Members asking, sending, hinting at, or in any way requesting for nude or sexual images, videos, stories, pornography, etc.
  • Images of self harm (or any possible trigger) of any form
  • Advertising a specific website, product, or service in any way
  • Soliciting you for personal information such as a home address, phone number, image of you, etc.
  • Sending messages with the direct intention to troll or put down another member
  • Requesting any kind of contact information with the intention of doing anything listed above or anything a staff member deems inappropriate

The administrators have the right to view a users PMs at any moment if they suspect abuse of the PM system. Abuse of the PM system will result in an infraction, loss of PM capabilities, or a ban.

Social Groups: Before creating a Social Group please search the current ones by clicking here and making sure it does not already exist. Assuming it does not, you may create one if you have been a member for three months and you have 500 or more posts. If you do not meet these requirements, you may ask someone who does to make one for you, and they can transfer ownership to you when you meet the requirements.

Keep in mind that all site rules apply to group discussions. You are not permitted to make any groups that are discriminatory, of a sexual nature, groups made to bash on another member, ones that promote illegal activities such as drug use, underage smoking/drinking, warez, hacking/cracking, etc. If these rules are broken, the group will be deleted and all members involved will be given the appropriate warning, infraction, freeze, or ban. If you see an inappropriate group, PM any Senior Staff member, and they will remove it.

Blogs: Your blog is your place on VirtualTeen to post whatever you want, as long as it follows the rest of the rules. The only thing you are not permitted to put in blogs is any content that you may find in the Puberty101 forums. Breakage of the site rules in blogs will result in a moderator deleting the blog post(s). If necessary, anything from an unofficial warning to permanent ban, depending on the severity of the rule breakage may be issued. You must have at least 5 posts to start your blog.

Member Forums:Member forums or diaries are individual forums requested and managed by users. Each forum must follow the overall rules of VirtualTeen, however, individual users can change some rules for their individual forum.
In most diaries, the owner will post a thread about what rules they have for their diary, in addition to the site rules. Make sure you read the diary rules before you start posting . If you have broken one of the diary owner’s rules, they have grounds to delete your thread and/or posts.
The owner of the diary may choose to have other users promoted as moderators in their diary. These owners may make changes to their moderators, diary name, and description at anytime. Moderators will not be able to make these changes.
A diary will be deleted if the owner of the diary requests for it to be deleted and/or it has been inactive for over two weeks, and other members are waiting for diaries to be made.
The exception to the second point is if you notify the Staff that you will be going away. You can do this by making a thread in the Diary HQ and stating how long you will be away for. If you are frozen, your diary will not be deleted during that time.

Usernames: You may change your username one time after creating your account, and then once every 180 days thereafter. You may change your username in the UserCP, by clicking on the Edit Email, Password & Username tab. If your username is deemed inappropriate by staff, you might be asked to change it. Failure to do so will result in termination of your account. If you have any need to change your username before the time limit resets, message an administrator.

Backseat Moderating: Backseat Moderating is when a non-moderator acts like a moderator by telling other users what to do (i.e reminding them of posting rules, requesting to stay on topic, etc.) This is not permitted on VT anywhere (including member diaries, unless you are enforcing your own rules). This causes discontent and anger between members, which ends up not fixing the problem at all. Examples of backseat moderating may include (but are not limited to):

  • You aren’t allowed to ask for tips here
  • This thread doesn’t belong here
  • This isn’t allowed according to the rules
  • This will be locked soon
If you see a post that breaks VT rules, report the post (using the yield sign on the post) and let the staff know. Do not post in the thread telling others what they may have done wrong. Users who backseat mod will receive warnings or infractions depending on the individual case.

Visitor Message Guidelines

Note: The Visitor Message (VM) system is intended to make it easier for members to communicate with each other and to establish friendships on the site. The system can easily be abused though, and these rules outline how the system is intended to function without any problems. If your message is against these rules, your VM will be deleted or edited, and a moderator will PM you as to why. Continued abuse of the system may result in an official warning, infraction or ban.

Requirements: There are no requirements to send a visitor message. However, until you have 250 posts and have been a member of VT for three months, your messages will need to be approved by a moderator before seen by the receiving user. Once you reach these requirements your messages will be sent without moderation. Keep in mind, however, moderators still can see all messages, and if you’re found abusing the system, your messages will once again be moderated. You may see the text “This message is moderated” next to VMs - this just means that you haven’t yet been here for three months and have 250 (or more) posts, and the message is currently awaiting moderator review and approval.

Guidelines: All general forum rules apply in the visitor message system. Messages with spam, explicit content, or bullying are examples of messages that are not permitted. Just like in posts, you may not share or request contact information using this system, which includes personal information, Facebook profiles, IMs, gamertags, or email addresses. Users who send or ask for contact information through this system will have their message(s) deleted, and will be warned or infracted. If members want to contact you, they can use the information in the Contact Info section of your profile or (given you have the requirements,) you may Private Message them and ask. If it is deemed by the staff that you are trying to solicit users, you will be banned.

Any Puberty101 related visitor messages will be deleted. All sex and puberty discussion must be kept exclusively in the Puberty101 forums in order to ensure that the Visitor Message system is not being used for sexual purposes.

Just like on the rest of the forum, all messages must be in English. All messages sent in another language will be deleted.

While you may complement other members, if it is done in a way that could be seen as provocative or sexual, your visitor message may be deleted at a moderator’s discretion Think of it this way: use the system as if you were talking to your friends, not a potential partner or a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Examples of approriate VMs

  • “Love your posts!”
  • “How’ve you been lately?”
  • “You look really good in your profile picture”

Examples of inappropriate VMs

  • ”do you have pics?”
  • “hey sexy ;)”
  • “add me on skype “SkypeNameHere”“email me” or “pm me”
  • “how big is your penis”
  • “that moderator is an ass”

Chat Room Rules

When using the chat room, do not spam it with repeated and unnecessary comments and/or sounds. Doing this only slows the chat and will get you silenced, kicked or banned from chat. It’s quite annoying as well; this site is for young adults, please act as such. More than five lines of consecutive text is considered spamming.

Chat bans are not to be taken up with any moderator, but with administrators only since they have the ability to unban you if it is seen appropriate. You are not guaranteed re-entry into the chat if you have been banned as it is a privilege, not a right.

The chat is moderated at all times and logs are checked daily by administrators. The forum rules apply to the chat at all times. It is at the discretion of the moderator(s) as to what kind of discussions are acceptable. There will be no puberty, sex talk, offensive, racist, or insensitive comments or language. Exchange of contact information is not permitted in chat.

All rules apply as they would on the general forums as stated above. These rules can be found here.

The chat is Java-based, and it (the Java plugin) is frequently updated. If you ever cannot log into the chat, it’s reccomend that you check for updates before asking us, which can be done Javahere.

In the Member tab to the right of the chat, staff have colored pawns next to their name. Sectional moderators’ pawns are green, Global Moderators’ pawns are Grey, Administrators’ pawns are yellow, and if there is a temporary moderator in the room, their pawn will be red.

Do not use obnoxious colors, such as ones that are white or bright yellow, or anything that isn't easily readable.

In the chat (and anywhere on the forums) you must use English. Any users speaking in other languages will be warned first but will be kicked if they continue.

A ‘kick’ in the chat room is temporary – you can refresh the page and come right back. Continuous rule breakages and multiple kicks will lead to bans, which will last permanently, or until an administrator unbans you. Note that a chat ban differs from a forum ban in that you may continue to use the forums even while banned from chat. However, that an infraction usually accompanies a chat ban, and you may be banned from the forums as well if you have too many infractions.

Please do not backseat moderate in chat. If a moderator is in the room, let them handle any situation that arises. If there is no moderator in the room, you may let the user know in a kind manner that they broke a rule, and after, PM a moderator a log of what happened

The Staff

All staff members on VirtualTeen are volunteers, and they receive no financial compensation for their work in running the site. They can be distinguished from non-mods by their user title, rank image, and username color.

Administrators and Global Moderators are staff members who can moderate any forum. Administrators maintain all aspects and functions of the site. If you have an issue regarding a ban, you should ask an Administrator about it through a Private Message or Email. Global Moderators assist the Administrators in running the site and can moderate every section, including all diaries. Moderators can only moderate their specific sections on the site. There are two groups of moderators: Help and Advice moderators, and General Discussions moderators.

While the staff of the website moderate the forums, each one is still a member - meaning any staff member can post their own opinion in addition to their job responsibilities, and receive all other privileges registered members have been given.

Administrators' names are in a bold, red typeface throughout the forums. Global Moderators' names are in a bold, blue typeface that can also be seen throughout the forum. Sectional Moderators' names are in a bold, green typeface that can only be seen in their designated section only. This means you will not see a Help and Advice Moderator's name in green (nor their rank face) if they posted in any section they do not moderate.

Do not ask to be a staff member. Asking may reduce your chances of becoming one. Staff members are chosen based on their behavior, maturity, trustworthiness, and knowledge in their respective sections. If you post more in General Discussions sections, you might be picked for that section instead of Help and Advice, and the same goes for the converse. There will be openings for the section you post when one is needed, so it's best to be patient. Openings may be posted in the VT Volunteer Job Openings forum. The Senior Staff also might choose a moderator without posting any applications.


These rules are the standard for all forums (including all diaries), unless directly noted otherwise by a staff member. Unwritten Rules (implied) still apply, as they are common sense. The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification. Always make sure you follow the most recent rules when you post in the forums. Should you have any questions about any of the rules posted, do not hesitate to contact a staff member about them.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 02:45 PM.

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