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Stuff about male puberty, urinals, and peeing standing up.
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A few ideas related to boy stuff

Posted September 26th, 2019 at 05:12 PM by Nobody445
Updated October 11th, 2019 at 04:58 PM by Nobody445

1. Wet dream pads.

I don't get wet dreams. In fact, about half of all boys don't get wet dreams. But, for boys who do get wet dreams, I have an idea. Wet dream pads are put in a boy's underwear before he goes to sleep, and taken off and disposed of after he wakes up. They are like menstrual pads, but stronger (to prevent it from ripping apart if he gets an erection in his sleep) and more absorbent (to prevent stains on his underpants, pajamas, and bedsheets).

2. Masturbation stalls at school (for dealing with boners).

These would be stalls in male bathrooms at middle and high schools, located between the toilet stalls and the urinals. (There would also be stalls in male changing rooms, near the showers.) That way, if a boy gets an erection in class or in the locker room, he can masturbate to get rid of it without abusing the toilets, showers, or urinals. The stalls themselves are like the toilet stalls, but the cubicle walls have 3 sides instead of 2 (the door is a part of one of the walls), and go from floor to ceiling, to provide him extra privacy. Also, the doors are more typically door-like, but still work like stall doors (with the latch-based lock and the "occupied"/"unoccupied" indicator). Inside, there is an urinal-like device, called an "ejaculal" (urinal/urination, ejaculal/ejaculation). However, there is also toilet paper, as semen is harder to clean up than urine. Here's how a boy would use this: After getting an embarrassing erection, he runs to the nearest masturbation stall and gets inside. First, he locks the door, the same way he would lock the door of a toilet stall. Then, he stands in front of the ejaculal, gets his penis out the same way he would if he was using an urinal, aims it into the ejaculal (to avoid getting stains everywhere), and starts masturbating. His semen goes into the ejaculal, for easy cleanup. When he is done masturbating and his penis is flaccid again, he wipes all over his penis with toilet paper, puts the TP in the ejaculal, flushes the ejaculal, puts his penis away like he would at the urinal, unlocks the door, gets out of the stall, and then washes his hands, like he would after using the toilet or urinal.
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