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Disregard my previous happiness and what not.

Posted April 24th, 2013 at 12:53 AM by ShaneSawyer

So there's this girl. She is a year younger than me and I initially met her in middle school. We became reacquainted this year and she was really nice. In fact, she invited me of all people, to be her date at her school. (different schools, same bus ride home) and I was all like, yea! I would love to!*

But then her and her friends decided to go to a rave instead and my dad wouldn't let me go so that was lame. So eventually we planned to hang out, but the day we decided her parents were gone so she couldn't. Then she invited me to see a movie, but then she got sick the day of. After that we didn't talk much until a few months ago.

She asked me how it was going and at the time I felt confused about her because she stopped being cool like she used to be. So I was giving her the cold shoulder and she was like, what's wrong? And I said you don't care. Then she went on telling me how she does care and what not and the reason she was acting so awkward was that she liked me. I said I liked her too and we started talking a little bit again.

Then one day I get on the bus and she is being all weird to me so I am like, fuck it. I just won't ride the bus for a month. *Then when I come back, she is really cool to me.*

(this past week) last Wednesday I was fucking hilarious and awesome. And better yet I was in front of all her friends on the bus. When she got off she dropped something and I said fuck it, I'll get off here and walk home to give this to her. She then invited me to her house but alas I couldnt go because of stupid shit at home. So instead I asked her out for some ice cream this weekend and she said yes.

I was really nervous and excited to see her. Finally after so long I was going to hang out with her outside of the bus. 1 o'clock comes and goes and I get a text saying she will be late. No biggy, I'll just wait. 30 minutes later she says she can't go because of her ride. Fuck me right?*

No, not yet. Today she texts me saying she won't be on the bus all week. But that's not all, she then proceeds to tell me she is with this other guy, who rides the same motherfucking bus. FUCK ME. She says she is sorry for leading me on and she is upset with herself because she isn't sure she made the rigt decision whatever that means. So here I am, slightly heart broken and the lowest I have been in seven months.*
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