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How to help someone through a panic attack

Posted January 4th, 2021 at 11:31 PM by HighVamp913
Updated January 5th, 2021 at 07:38 AM by HighVamp913

I had a panic attack early in the day. I got through it and thought "You know what I can use my experience to help others.". So I started taking notes of the warning signs, coping methods, and how to help someone who is having a panic attack. Remember it is different with everyone.*

~Learn the signs.*
It is different for everyone. Some people shake/twitch uncontrollably. Others who have become well at hiding the visual signs will just seem distant and zoned off.
~Don't leave them alone.*
In this moment we aren't/won't be thinking clearly. Never leave us alone during this period. Especially if they have a history(iykyk). If they want space keep them within eyesight.
~Don't ask what is wrong
Most of the time they start unexpectedly. So trying to find a cause of something that usually doesn't have one frustrates us and makes us panic more.
~Don't tell us to "Suck it Up" or "Calm Down"
You are going to make us panic more. Plus if we could we would.
~Physical touch
When having a panic attack your senses are at max. *Touch during this period may feel like a threat. Ask before you touch them in any way.*
If there is a medication they usually take to aid them through *the panic attack "Offer it to them"(Prescribed )
~Quiet enviorment
If possible move us to a quieter/less chaotic environment. When in a chaotic place it just feeds our already worse state.
We often feel like our throat is closing and that we can't get enough oxygen. Have us mimic your breathing. Slow Steady Long Deep breaths
~Stay calm
It may not seem like it but how you react affects the attack. If you seem panicked we are just gonna freak out. You freaking out gives our mind something else to worry about at that moment. Something else to pick apart and put together worse than it seems. So pls stay calm.
Talk in a low voice. As I said before our senses are heightened during this period. So talking to us in a low voice calms us.
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