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Hello I'm Edgar, welcome to my diary !

I am starting a diary mostly for killing time purposes bur I also think it might be cool to share my life with other people out there

Disclaimer :
I will try to translate my feelings to words as well as I can, just know that it might be crude or vulgar
Also, it's going to be pretty egotistical since I am me and I am not somebody else, and I probably will complain on things that might seem insignificant to you, sorry about that
Finally, please excuse my bad English, it's not my first language

So if the aboves did not discourage you already, here are a few things you might want know about me :
- I am a 16 years old boy
- I was born and raised in France, but moved the California 2 years ago
- I dont have much friends, i am introverted and really awkward socially
- I am not really talented in anything but I like to play guitar, skateboard and programming
- I am kind of ugly, judge by yourself :
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Entry Sunday November 4th 2018

Posted November 4th, 2018 at 11:21 PM by Ouragan

Hello friends ,

I hope you're all doing well, This is my first post on my diary, I hope you'll enjoy it

Today is Sunday, school tomorrow. Yesterday, my parents forced me to get a haircut, which I hate. I miss my long and frizzy hairs. Also, near my house, there is a restaurant called 'fat burger', and we went there to eat lunch with my family (mom, dad, little brother and little sister), even though we usually eat pretty healthy. But on the way there, my dad noticed my SH marks (I cut on the top of my forearm, so it heals pretty fast), I told him I fell when I was skateboarding, but he was still looking at it with an inquisitive look. He said that they had a strange look and he told me something like "You know some people cut themselves on purpose, I hope you're not one of them", that made me pretty nervous and I acted like I didn't really know that. He told my mom, and she asked me to act the way I fell, and I guess they got satisfied with it because they stopped asking questions

After that, we had to clean the house because guests were about to come. I kind of lazed and played guitar, and my mom screamed on me and my brother that she hated us, that we had no consideration for her. The guests were another french family that just moved 2 months ago in LA. I taught the little girl to play a bit of guitar, and the little bay a bit of programming. It was pretty cool, and the dad is a really good guitar player.

Today, I did my history homework, And I bought myself an acoustic guitar (it's more like an electro-acoustic) I made pancakes for every one in the morning and my parents told me that they were really disappointed in me, that I didn't do much at school, which is true, that I should be getting better grades (right now I have English-C, Guitar-A, AP Physics-C, AP Calc-B, AP Ceramics-B, History-A ). I know I kind of lost motivation ....

Yeah, That was my weekend, Tomorrow A really annoying friend of my parents is coming to our house for 3 days. I have a medical appointment on Wednesday for getting the green card, I'll try not to cut until then, so that the doctor doesn't notice anything

Thank you for reading, i'll see you next time
Love you all

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