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Stuff about male puberty, urinals, and peeing standing up.
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6 steps to improve urinals

Posted September 27th, 2019 at 06:20 PM by Nobody445
Tags boys, ideas, male, pee, urinal

Step 1: Abolish "urinal etiquette". Encourage boys to go to the bathroom in groups like girls do, talk to each other while in the bathroom, and not be afraid to use urinals next to other boys. Urinals use less water than toilets do, but many boys refuse to use urinals under certain conditions. If "urinal etiquette" was abolished, it would lead to male washrooms becoming much less quiet, and boys lining up to use urinals (and stall toilets) would become a thing. However, this would make the male restroom experience more similar to the female restroom experience, creating slightly more gender equality,
Step 2: Make urinal dividers mandatory. Urinals without dividers are bad, for numerous reasons, especially the fact that the person next to you can look at your penis. If dividers were mandatory for all urinals, then men and boys with smaller penises would be subject to less bullying and harassment.
Step 3: Make it easier for girls and women to pee standing up. Make female pants with zippers in the crotch area, dresses that can be easily pulled up, and panties with Velcro-fastened holes in the required place. Install unisex urinals (design number 2 in this image: in both male and female washrooms.
Step 4: Add toilet paper dispensers to urinals. In theory, a boy or man is supposed to shake off his penis after using an urinal to clean off the remaining drops of pee. In practice, this doesn't always work, and these last drops of pee sometimes end up staining underpants. Also, if step 3 was enacted by both female clothing manufacturers and bathroom designers, there would be more girls and women using urinals. If there were toilet paper dispensers on the side of each urinal divider, and urinals were retrofitted to handle flushing toilet paper, then it would be easier to clean off the remaining pee from your penis or vulva. No mare embarrassing stains.
Step 5: Move urinals into their own unisex room. "Urinal rooms" would be unisex washrooms where all the toilet fixtures are urinals. (They would still have sinks, as well as tampon dispensers.) During a transitional period, urinals would remain in the gendered washrooms, as well as the urinal rooms. When enough people are using the urinal rooms, urinals are removed from the gendered washrooms, allowing more space for sinks and toilet stalls.
Step 6: Place urinals in toilet-like stalls. After all of the previous steps are completed, place urinals in stalls. Each urinal stall would have 2 dividing walls between itself and the other stall (see step 2), a TP dispenser (see step 4), and a lockable door with a "OCCUPIED" indicator, similar to a toilet stall. That way, less people are "urinal shy", since urinals now offer more privacy, and it's much less embarrassing to be that kid who pulls their pants all the way down at the urinal.
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    not to mention a urinal with a monitor for the favorite tv program.
    Posted October 13th, 2019 at 07:04 AM by Naturelover Naturelover is offline

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