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On this handy-dandy blog here, I'll post about literally anything! It can range from literally dancing, to literally couches! Feel free to comment if you have anything to say about the blog! Also, I haven't used a single period in this entire paragraph! Isn't that nice?
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Literally My Teachers

Posted April 15th, 2018 at 07:45 PM by IcyCool
Updated April 26th, 2018 at 07:48 PM by IcyCool


This first post will be about all of my teachers, from daycare to Grade 8.

Daycare #1

I actually went to two daycares. They were both pretty close to eachother, but one was more modern, and the other was rustic(ish). At my first daycare I had two teachers: One was Spanish (I dunno her name, so Ms. S), and one was not (Ms. K). They were both pretty great teachers, but there was also a "Principal" (Mrs. Y), and she was really concerned about our safety. The other kids didn't like her, but I appreciated her.

Daycare #2

At my second daycare, there were also two teachers. They were both thin, and one needed crutches one day (which is the only way I remember her). They brought us on lots of field trips, and I had a pretty great time with them! They even made us an album where we sang tons of different kids songs! How great is that?!

JK and SK

In case you didn't know, JK and SK mean Junior and Senior Kindergarten. I had one teacher and is the only teacher who stuck with our school (even though it's closing this year)! She's really nice and has a son about my age (I think). My main memory was my first day, where I nudged someone in class because there was a big crowd around a bunch of bins that probably had toys in them, and then I looked back to see if she noticed, but luckily she didn't, and I still regret slightly nudging him to this day. She also made us change for gym in the same room, but separated the boys from the girls. Strange.

Grade 1

My Grade 1 teacher rocked! She was spanish, and had a strange accent, but she still rocked! I think she's retired now, but I have one specific memory. This was one time I was working with someone, and then I knocked over their milk (because we had the milk program), and then he said that HE knocked over his milk, so he got in trouble, and I didn't. I'm such a great person.

Grade 2

So, this was one of my worst teachers. She was ginger, and apparently, British, and, could write with both hands. I have one distinct memory. She asked is to spell our principal's name, which had a z in it. His name was kinda confusing, because it had a ton if strange lettering, but I could do it. She wrote it on the board, and asked us to copy it. I was one of the first to finish, so I raised my hand as fast as I could. She walked over to to check, and said that I spelt it wrong. I tried again 3 more times but she said it was spelt wrong all 3 times. after that, I noticed that my z was backwards the whole time! Apparently putting your z backwards is a spelling mistake, but, yeah. Apart from that, she was really rude and disrespectful to a select few people.

Grade 3

Here is my only other worst teacher. He was kinda big, and he had glasses. He was really hard on us, and one time, he acted really out of order. One day, I was doing my math and then the teacher said it was snack time. I pulled out my lunch pai- I didn't have it. I told the teacher, and then he said "I don't care, just finish your work!" not agressively, but really passionately. I eventually got lunch from the lunch program, so it was okay, but he didn't care that I didn't have my lunch.

Grade 4

Grade 4 was one of the better years. Our teacher was very caring, and was really nice. To me. Everyone else I ask said that they hated her, but that's because they never listen. When you have a bad teacher, just follow the rules and they'll not hate you. At the end of the year, she gave me a ton of stuff, and my mom bought her a scarf, and then she retired.

Grade 5

My grade 5 teacher (Mr. G) ties another teacher for the best teacher, hands down! He was always so cheerful, and had our backs no matter what. It kinda helped that we had a delightful EA (which probably means Educational Assistant. She was there because we have a kid that has autism in our class, and she was really helpful to both him, and the rest of the class!), but it was mainly him. He had a song for everything, too. He even played that Salt-n-Peppa song at Family Life time (which is known better as SexEd), and I have no idea how he was allowed to play it!

Grade 6

He was one of the nicer teachers. He was also Spanish, and was also strict, but was really helpful! One time I cried, and he yelled at the class for me! What a great teacher!

Grade 7

My Grade 7 teacher was kinda quiet, but knew how to be stern. He had tons of fun activities, and he was really nice. There was lots of drama this year involving the Grade 8s (by the way, this year, all of our classes are split, so they're Grade 1/2 rather than Grade 1 and 2), but we persevered (big word). He didn't though. Around the end of the year, he took a medical leave, and I heard that his wife divorced him and took his kids. I'm not sure if it's true, but I think it is. To lighten up the mood, I'll tell a joke!

Grade 8

I'm in Grade 8 this year, and my teacher ties Mr. G for best teacher! She's pretty chillax, and she talks like we're her friends. She says things like "Open the lights" (I think that's used to clear the tension, because people would expect her to say turn on the lights), and she also teaches us cooking (such as lasagne and quesadillas!) She's a great person, and I hope she moves to the high school I'm going to after my school shuts down . );


It was pretty fun writing about all the teachers I had, and thinking back to all of the memories I made, good or bad. This one was pretty long, so I don't expect you to read it all. Anyways, hope this was a good read!

Also, if you ever feel down, listen to I'm Ready by AJR. It might have some Spongebob samples, but it's a pretty good song if you look past that!

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