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Welcome to my blog everyone! I hope you enjoy my interesting posts, and am excited to make some new friends this way perhaps. Thank you for reading :)
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Blog #9: 10 Tips for Every Teen and Young Adult

Posted January 25th, 2016 at 04:32 PM by maniamsmart

Not sure how many of you remember me, probably not many since I used to post strictly in the Dating and Relationships section of the forum, but ever since I got my new camera and recording stuff set up, I am starting make my advice videos so I'll have a written version of it here, but if you want to watch the actual video, [URL=""]here it is[/URL].

So I think these are some of the most important tips that if someone hasn't already told you, you should be aware of.

1. Always be yourself.

I see it way too many times that people are scared to act how they want to act because they feel like they'll get judged, or made fun of. The way I see it, if you act yourself, you'll gain more confidence, and you'll be able to be more comfortable around people and your friends. Plus, it's always good when someone is your friend for the person you truly are rather than for someone you're not.

2. Do good in school.

I know we all slack sometimes, and find going to school to be boring and sometimes even pointless if you're studying something you have no interest in and that won't even concern your career, but it will help you out in the long run, in the future. I am currently going to college, and most if not all of my classes are usually paid for just because I did good in school and got scholarships.

3. Be aware of what you get yourself into.

A lot of people regret things, especially when they make mistakes and aren't informed about what they are doing. Always be aware of what you get yourself into, and always be aware of what could happen. Just because you really feel strongly towards something, or really want to do something, always be rational, and inform yourself, this goes for everything, whether it's having sex, picking a career, deciding to live on your own, get a job, etc.

4. Do what you love.

As we are growing up, we are growing our personality, and finding our hobbies, and it's important that we embrace our passions. Otherwise, you could be someone that just doesn't know who they are, and doesn't know where they want to go in the future. So always do what you love, and strive forward to find yourself, and your personality.

5. Never take drugs.

I don't need to explain this much, but there's always an alternative, and the people who have gone down this road, usually never end in a good spot.

6. Draw your future.

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with 'do what you love' but find what you like to do, discover the world, and learn about the world and life. If you find something you like, plan ahead, think ahead, plan out your future, and be ready to tackle the obstacles that confront you when it's time. Knowing what you like to do, and finding yourself and your strengths and weaknesses can help you draw your future.

7. Love life.

Always live life to it's fullest, stay positive, don't look at the negatives, and take advantage of the chances you get, since when you're old, you'll be limited. I see way to many people take life for granted and be all negative and depressed. Sure bad thing happen in life, but it's important to move past those times, learn from them, and move on with positivity. Loving life, is loving yourself, the people around you, and a key ingredient to a successful life and future.

8. Choose your friends wisely.

By now, I am sure a lot of our parents have already taught us this. But it really does make a difference, the people you hang out with start to define you, shape your personality, and affect your life and your future. It's important that you surround yourself with people that are positive, make you happy, help you succeed, and and make you comfortable.

9. Be active.

Exercise, join a club, a sports team, and make yourself feel better mentally and physically. A lot of us don't like to be active and are sometimes lazy, myself included. But when you exercise and stay active, it really does give you more energy and makes you feel a lot better, try it!

10. Be proactive.

Always try to be understanding towards others, towards your feelings, and learn from your own mistakes and others. Don't always try to find a way to blame others, or a way to find others' flaws, try to improve yourself and be responsible for your own actions, it makes you more mature and have a much more open mind.

Hope these tips helped you and enjoyed the video!

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