This page provides the story behind Most of this information contains important details that form a summarized idea of the history - for any questions, feel free to email one of the current administrators.

The Beginning

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In 1998 a man named Sam Alexander started a network called GovTeen, Inc. This network was a chain of teen communities. As it grew, Sam funded numerous projects suggested by teens, covering all expenses the sites generated. Sam allowed the teens to run these sites, as he believed they would be able to help their peers. was created in March of 2004 as a project of GovTeen, Inc. to help and support mentally ill teens. Josh (TheWizard) was the founder of the project. Josh, having schizophrenia, felt that all teens with disorders and/or mental illnesses should have a place where they can feel comfortable and find the answers to questions they may have. Josh had started the site with aid from Francis (Triple7)  who made a fantastic webmaster. By the end of March in 2004, already had a community, and it was rapidly growing.

Virtual Teen offers a safe haven for teens in need of any type of support; we are a warm and accepting community that is here to welcome you as part of the family. As the community continues to evolve, faces come and go, but the site's mission remains the same - to provide a place where any teen can come to find help about anything.

Virtual Teen: Recover, learn and grow together.

Special Thanks

Everything that exists today could not have been possible without Sam Alexander. Although Sam passed away in March of 2007, we will never forget him. He was a great man with no equal, and he had a wonderful wife that supported him through it all. We thank Sam and Carol for everything; the funding, support, and wisdom that they provided throughout the years allowed Virtual Teen grow.

Thank you, Sam. Rest in peace.