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Old October 24th, 2010, 10:03 AM   #1
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Unhappy Abuse from brother?

not sure if this counts as abuse or not but im fed up and cant take it anymore.

So, as brothers and sisters usually do, we occasionally fight. But, on most occasions its something different. Im not quite sure how to describe this so I will go through an incident that just happened.

So, I was upstairs with my uncle watching him do something on the computer, and I asked my brother if he would bring me my laptop. He said yes, as long as I let him have the chair. So, he sat down and I had the mac. He then started poking me and I grabbed hold of his hand and bushed it away. Of course he pushed and I pushed back, and then I grabbed hold of his sleeve so I wouldn't get poked. He then took his jacket off so I threw it at him. He then grabbed his jacket and started hitting me with it, but he was using the zip end to hit me wich really hurt So again I grabbed his arm and slapped it to get him to stop, and pushed him off the chair. He then grabbed hold of my bare arm and started digging his nails in so hard they left little specks of blood and he punched me on my back on my spine. By this time my mom had herd and was yelling at me to give john (My brother) MY computer. I turned around and grabbed his arm, gripping it so he would stop hurting me and he deliberately yelled out in ''pain'' for me to stop it. Mom got really cross with me and told me to stop bullying my brother so I just left.

Its not that that made me upset, there have been numerous times where he has slammed my head onto the floor or scratched my arms, punched me and also verbally abused me, but whenever I tell mom she doesn't believe me because my brother always makes like I have done something. Whenever I react to what he is doing (Like grabbing his arm or shouting at me.) He will always take the advantage to call mom, and I will be the one that gets yelled at. He will also always criticize what im doing, or make threatening motions, or just make horrible faces at me and im always getting yelled at by my mom, no matter where it is. If were out together and it happens she will always make a point of yelling as loud as she can so everybody hears about ''What a horrible bully I am''
Not only has my brother got anger problems, but so has my mom, so any minute she could flip out and start screaming at me or throw plates or cups or something and it just feels like I have no support. Im naturally a fiery person but for some reason I usually keep quiet in these cases, and it all bottles up so much I dont know how much more I can take. My dad I barely other see and he either changes the conversation or doesn't take any notice...
I dont know how much more I can take of this, nobody listens to me especially because my brother is 4 years younger than me, but it really hurts and makes me so mad and upset. I think one day Im just going to walk out and not come back...
What should I do, guys?

Trying to break free.
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Old October 24th, 2010, 11:27 AM   #2
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Name: Lachy
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Default Re: Abuse from brother?

Hugs, Your brother sounds like a little out of control. Could you have prevented his poking exulting by firmly asking him to stop? if that doesn't work you should try moving away from him.

Yes brothers and Sisters will annoy each other you should try your best to stop before you get into a fight he's most likely looking for a reaction and attention your giving both to him.

I don't really know what to say about your Mum you should talk to her(when she is calm) about what your brother is doing. She most likely does not understand that he is trying to frame you all the time.

I hope that helps.

Is your brother older or younger then youself?

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I love you all <3 Thank you
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Old October 29th, 2010, 10:07 AM   #3
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Default Re: Abuse from brother?

I know this is a bit of a late reply but I couldn't ignore it. I am really sorry to hear what your brother has done to you, it is totally wrong he took it way out of proportion. Naturally brothers and sisters fight usually, some don't. But I think here it has gone to far, he is your brother he shouldn't be 'punching' you at all =( Are you doing better at all now? He seems very much out of control especially in this situation.

Even though you don't talk to your dad that much I would sit down with him and talk to him about how he is hitting you and how he used the zipper to hit you with off his jacket. Show him any marks that you have, that he has left and ask him would he do something about it. The best thing to do is to move away if it does start happening again, don't return fire as it seems it just eggs him on, be the stronger person and don't let him get to you.

If you have any other relatives you could ask to stay with them, like grandparents? Maybe you could even tell them what is going on, hopefully it will improves things for you.

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Old November 17th, 2010, 04:48 PM   #4
Wings of Despair
Name: Vlad
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Age: 23
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Default Re: Abuse from brother?

Your best chance is to talk with your mom,make a set up and show her what he does to you.That's how i solved my prob.Good luck
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Old November 28th, 2010, 06:31 AM   #5
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Default Re: Abuse from brother?

Hmm... your brother is 10 years old. I expect your mother is thinking that he physically couldn't hurt you, but that hurting him as he is making out is completely and utterly wrong. From her point of view, I understand that.

I would really go with the above, talk to your mum in a relaxed, chilled atmosphere. Talk to her calmly and explain everything how you're feeling it. There's no other resolution I can see.

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