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Default Re: 13yr old brother playing sex games

Originally Posted by Ella... View Post
Okay thanks guys I think I'll just keep from saying anything. I guess it really is his decision in the end, and telling my parents isn't really going to make a huge difference. I'm not sure if he has virus protection or anything, so I'll check with him to see if he does.
And to answer some thing that were a bit unclear: he does have his own computer now, but didn't at the time he wanted an email address. I've unlinked his account from mine, and I forgot his password, so I'm never going to read his email again. Okay, 500 was just a guess, he had at lot, and the ones I saw were from hookup sites or something, I didn't look at all of them and I have no idea if he's actually contacting people on them. To expand on the email I sent when I first found out - I sent him a bunch of links to websites saying how porn can badly affect your mind and told him that maybe he shouldn't be going to those sites, he didn't listen, so I don't think me talking to him any further would do much anyways.
Heís just gonna learn the hard way if those articles are true; bless your future sister in law if he develops premature ejaculation problems and warped body image expectations in women.

Itís definitely still a concern if heís live chatting with strangers and some of those hookup sites are fraudulent or online scams. Iíve seen news reports where if thatís going on things can go really horribly wrong.

I think harm is minimized if your brother doesnít have access to your parents credit card information as well....that could be problematic and donít outright ask him either and it might give him ideas. But just be aware and balance that line of privacy for your sibling but also your duty as a daughter to protect the family safety.

If strange people start coming around in his social circle or if he starts hanging out with a rough-crowd, those are some warning signs.
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