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Old February 25th, 2018, 12:21 PM   #1
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Default Why when I tried to cut her out she told me that we don't fit each other?

I love a girl who is engaged, she seemed interested initiating conversations almost on daily basis for hours. She told me that she feels like she knew me long time ago, she even told that she knew that I am in love and that my eyes expose me. we knew each other for 3 months and that how it started.

Without getting into too many suffocating details, and there are many, after 2 months I confessed about how feel for her and she was surprised and when I asked her if she did not know, she said no although she told me 2 months ago that she knows implicitly. Then thing between us became ajar, she did not want me to tell her that I love her but she may get coy from flirt and after awhile she may flirt back. I got very attracted to her, I suffered much from this dither situation, having hope may be something would happen, why do I feel like this?, unable to understand if she loves him as she says, how she is like this with me (even if she calls it friends).

After one month I tried to cut her out of my life, she asked me why, I told her that I love her, she kept trying to convince me not to do so telling me that it is wrong, and that some people can not get married but can stay together, I asked her as friends?, she said yes, I told her over and over that I canít, unable to understand her persistence and the situation is already hard enough that I am leaving someone I donít want to leave. Eventually when she failed to change my mind she told me that even if she did not have a boyfriend, we didnít fit each other. I said nothing, I donít know why she said that, it was really painful, I was trying to do the right thing. If I meant anything to her why she did not say, if I did not mean anything to her, I am leaving anyway.

Leaving was the only thing left I had to make her understand that I love her, Why the dagger?
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Old February 25th, 2018, 01:57 PM   #2
Name: Stacy
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Default Re: Why when I tried to cut her out she told me that we don't fit each other?

Although I might have lost some of what you are trying to say, what is clear from all of this is that she's playing with you. She wants you to feel for her because she probably likes the attention. Probably because she has zero self-confidence and gets off on getting guys to like her when she knows there's no risk in it for her because she's engaged to someone else. And that brings up the other, majorly important point. She's engaged. You have absolutely no fucking business hanging out with her "conversing" on a daily basis for hours. All that she said to you is bullshit designed to get you to feel for her and then keep toying with you, keep stringing you a long like a little puppy. And it worked. Leave this bitch alone and go find someone you can actually be with and who actually wants to be with you. Let her future husband be the one to deal with her fucked up psychosis.
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Old February 26th, 2018, 12:10 AM   #3
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Name: Cedrick
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Default Re: Why when I tried to cut her out she told me that we don't fit each other?

She in engaged. So unfortunately you and her are never going to happen. You have been friendzoned.

I know how badly not getting someone that you want hurts. I am so amazed that you did the right thing by trying to stop contacting her. Everyone seems to screw up there. So good for you, you seem very level headed in comparison to this girl who didn't want to let you take that step back. She sounds self centred. That really confuses me.

What you need to do now is tell her again that you need to take a step back because of the feelings that you have for her. If she discourages you again, insist that this is the way that it has to be and be firm. Until you do this you will continue to be in pain. After that keep yourself busy enough that you wouldn't spend a lot of time thinking about her. Spend more time on school work, start watching a new TV series, spend time with friends, work out, develop a new hobby, join a new club. It sounds basic but believe me, it is really important.

Canada / Sport Management (Hockey) Major / Straight / Left-Wing Progressive / 18 yrs old

Cedrick Desjardins
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