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Old November 11th, 2017, 11:22 PM   #1
Shack Man
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Name: Cristian
Join Date: November 11, 2017
Gender: Male
Default Me posting a meme on Snapchat helped 2 people find love.

About 3 weeks ago, in a boring art class, I decided to get on my phone and waste some time or whatever. Eventually, I decided to get on Snapchat.

I got on my school's Snapchat story (it was made by some of the students, no way the actual school admins made it lmao.) and looked through the random crap and memes and selfies on it. I decided to post a picture of my own. It was a picture of my binder, and "Yo is sucking your own dick gay?"

I posted it, cause that's what you do when you don't care one bit.

But about an hour later, someone actually responded to what I posted. It was this girl (lets call her Kay) and her first message was "Nice meme".

This conversation eventually devolved into god knows what, all I know is we quickly became friends.

Anyways, a day later, I was hanging with my one friend (lets call him Kode). Kode is a pretty cool guy, and me and him were doing what all guys do: calling each other names. I get a message from Kay, and she says she has extra food leftover, and if I'd like it. I said sure, and after she spends a few minutes searching for me, she finally arrives at our table.

She gives me her god damn grapefruit, and quickly we began chatting like buddies. I didn't think much of her, but Kode was a different story. He quickly joined in our conversation, and you could tell by lookin at him, he wanted some of that, know what I mean?

It becomes even more evident after school, when me and him get on Discord to talk and play together, asking where I met her and a bunch of other crap. 2 days later, he asks me for her snap, which I happily hand over. They start talking, talking quite a lot, and it's getting real obvious she now wants some him too.

Finally, on the weekend, he says he was going to ask her out. I wasn't surprised honestly, so I just gave him good luck. 2 days later, the mad man did it, and things turn odd from here.

We find out she has a boyfriend, and that while she admits she had feelings for Kodes, she decides to stay loyal. I believe it's a lost cause, but Kodes decides to keep trying to slowly get closer to her.

His plan works, for the next few days it sounds more and more like Kay is closer with him than her boyfriend. I act dumb the entire time, acting around Kay that I have no idea what is happening. And then the day of reckoning comes: she breaks up with her boyfriend. (Turns out she wanted to leave him for awhile anyways, he was plagued with mental and anger issues.) Few days later, the new couple was official.

And thats how a meme on Snapchat, helped 2 people find love.
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Old November 12th, 2017, 03:57 AM   #2
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Name: Dylan
Join Date: October 19, 2014
Location: The UK
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Default Re: Me posting a meme on Snapchat helped 2 people find love.

Hehe funny story dude!

17 and Bi. Lives in the UK.

Happy to answer anyone's questions!

And to meet and chat with new people!
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