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Old October 9th, 2017, 04:11 AM   #1
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Default Trump's big beautiful wall on indian land.

Alright so trump made his stance on indian issues pretty clear when he allowed the DAPL to be constructed. Now idk if many of you guys know about the Tohono O' odham nation, but theres a big issue facing them. Trump is obviously gonna go through with the wall, since theres prototypes being built in the California desert. Now the issue is that the Tohono O' odham nation is right inbetween the U.S and mexico and has members on both sides. They already get enough harassment with border patrol because we dont always carry documentation on our land. The wall would go through some of the sites that we hold sacred, and im pretty sure it goes through some burial grounds. Now the wall will also block the passing of the flood waters and migratory animals. It will separate families from being able to easily meet eachother, basically blocking us off from our families on the other side. Do you believe that the wall should still be built? Is it morally correct to build it, in your eyes? Should there be an alternative?

I am apart of the O' odham nation and have family on both sides of the border. We hold ceremonies on both sides and a giant wall wouldmake that verry hard. I believe that the wall should not be built in the first place, and for sure not be built on the land we still hold. I beleive it is morally unjustifiable to build the wall on indian land that will block us off from our family. It will not allow the water that we get from our dear monsoons to flow naturally and refresh the aquafer. It will not allow deer, rams and other animals to freely walk across our beloved tohono(desert). We are the decendants of the Hohokam and we have more rights to our land than any other government. There is simply no alternative to the wall that will satisfy us other than no wall at all.

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Default Re: Trump's big beautiful wall on indian land.

If a potential wall would pass on sacred grounds and prevent them from practicing your religion, if you can prove that having a wall there would block the right of freedom of religion, you could possibly prevent the wall from being build.

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Default Re: Trump's big beautiful wall on indian land.

This is just another reason why the idea of one singular wall across the entire border is a terrible idea: the border is more than just a line in the ground, it's a grey area with certain parts that have uncertain boundaries that cannot be easily overcome.
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