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Old October 5th, 2017, 08:16 AM   #1
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Name: Nicholas
Join Date: August 8, 2016
Location: Victoria, Australia
Age: 19
Gender: Cisgender Male
Default What Did/Do You Hate About School

What aspects of being in school made you miserable, frustrated, or just made you not want to go to school?

Since Year 11 has started for me this year, I've hated being in school more and more. I'd hoped that because we have more freedom of the courses we take, that everyone would be more engaged in the stuff we were learning, but it feels like everyone's just taken on subjects because we have to have a full timetable in Year 11 (we can drop a subject in Year 12).

And I don't really blame the students because I've found a lot of my subjects boring most of the time, to the point where I'm only doing it for the grade. 20th Century History was the subject I was most looking forward to, but it feels like the subject is geared toward people who know next to nothing about history, but most people who are actually passionate about history would likely know a bit more than the bare basics. So the entire course covers things that anyone with a moderate knowledge of history would know, or could find easily through a Google search. I think it's unfair that the entire class has to spend time going over things they already know so that the students with the least knowledge can catch up. At this point I'm only doing the subject because I have to do six subjects and for the grade, and I wish I had the time I spend in History focusing on my Legal Studies or my Psychology work, or even on developing my writing ability (since writing is my biggest passion).

Another thing that's made Year 11 a chore for me is the amount of homework we have. I understand that in the real world, your career is sometimes going to be very stressful, and while schools should prepare you for that, I think there's too wide a gap between the expectation in Year 10 and the expectation in Year 11. I had one particular week last term where I had either a test or an assignment due for five out of my six subjects, and by the time I get through one thing, there's always more than one other assignment or homework task to finish. Schoolwork is on your mind non-stop, especially now that it's the expectation to get holiday homework. The workload of Year 11 isn't even comparable to what we had in Year 10. I think it's much better to gradually increase the workload rather than expecting students to adapt to a much higher expectation.

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Old October 6th, 2017, 08:48 AM   #2
Name: kirsty
Join Date: February 27, 2016
Location: uk
Gender: Female
Default Re: What Did/Do You Hate About School

i hate the uniform
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