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Old September 10th, 2017, 08:18 PM   #1
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Default I finally wrote a chapter im sorta happy with...

"Detra, are you up yet darling?” Murmured the lean male leaning in the doorway. His tail sways slowly back and forth casting a moving shadow along the granite floor. The warm white light behind him glistens through his brown fur, creating a glow to his profile. As he glances around the room he lingers on a dim screen fixed in the stone wall, it flips through images of Detra and himself. He smiles as he glances back down at her, the sheets shine in the light; covering all but her nose.
“Yeah I’m up… but I’m not getting out of bed.” Detra responds as she pulls her smokey grey fur away from her muzzle before attempting to pull the sheets over her face completely.
“You gotta get up, the ceremony is in a few hours and they can’t have it without us.” The male chuckles as he walks toward the bed letting the artificial light from the wall shining off his brown and white fur. He grins at Detra for a moment before picking her up off of the marble lined bed.
“SAATCHI!’?” She yips as she grips onto his shoulders.
“Hey, look who’s out of bed.” Saatchi cooed and eased her back down to her feet.
“That’s not fair you know”
“Who said I played fair?” he said looking into her violet eyes.
Hugging against him she plays with the long, thin feathery appendages that line down his spine, normally hidden within his fur before her claws get knotted up in the specialized whiskers.
“You need to take better care of your receptors, Saatchi”
*** Detra proceed to prepare for what the day has in store. Glancing off at Saatchi who reads messages off the wall’s screen, he seems to have a slightly concerned look to him before painting to his armor. Detra started to fetch their armor before turning to him.
“What’s happening?”
“I’ll tell you when I know myself”
Slightly annoyed she continued on her way to the glass tubes and pressurized them. Keeping them in vacuum protected the metal from tarnish without maintenance while in storage. Staring at the skull shaped helmets, their armor consists plate legs and arms, along with a plate chest piece. Compartments are hidden all over the armor, they're only obtainable through an eclectic command that controls the suit. Along the back is a thin slit that connects magnetically in specific spots once a current is flowing through the armor. This area is covered with chainmail and plate scales, as well as the bends and gaps of the armor. The innermost layer of the armor is a fabric like Kevlar and Nylon, meant mostly for padding and some protection if all else fails.
*** Detra begins putting on her armor, pulling her chest plate up and allowing her receptors to fan out from the slit in the back. As she slides the coils on her receptors tingle, allowing her to feel and see electric waves and magnetic fields, a 6th sense most all maanlup share. Sensitive enough to detect insects underground. She attaches Saatchi’s armor to her back magnetically and carries it back to him, only to find him staring at an image of a strange lifeform.
*** “New alien civilization discovered?” she asked
“You could say that…”
“Have we made contact? They look like they would make robust allies, well, if they have any factions that decide they like our trade.”
“Just a sighting, in the Roanoke forest” Saatchi said grimly.
Detra paused as she placed his armor down on the bed.
“You mean on Nuir?”
“Yeah, I mean Nuir.”
Saatchi pulls up a map of the solar system on the screen, an orange dwarf called Jana can be seen at the center of 6 planets. The 2nd one being a binary system of Phea, a terra and Nuir an iron-body. The 1st a Salena called Icarus, the 3rd a rocky planet called Gira, the 4th is a gas giant called Jade, and the 5th was a brown dwarf, called Genesis. 6th, an ice giant named Yitago. Saatchi taps on Phae and Nuir. Zooming into Roanoke Saatchi glances at Detra and makes a mark on the map.
“It was seen around here, and they guy who took the image is calling it ‘The Ecus’”
“Ecus?” Detra tilts her head. “Doesn’t that mean beast or monster in older tribal languages?”
“Yeah, and apparently we are taking this guy seriously because of something that happened a quadrant away. That’s all they're telling me.”
“So, is that why we’re going on a nonroutine voyage in a new ship that hasn’t even felt the void yet?”
“I can’t say otherwise” Saatchi begins to put his armor on, letting Detra help him pull his receptors through the slit.
*** “And here I thought we were only going to test the ship.” Detra sighed.
“In a way, we are.” Saatchi remarked as sparks danced though prongs on his gauntlet, he inspected his armor making sure everything worked and was in its place. Glancing at Detra he smiled.
“Hey, I doubt they’re real. It’s probably just everyone on edge.”
She smiles softly.
“I’m a soldier Saatchi, I’m not afraid.” She gets up and walks to a large cage sitting in the corner. The cage was a glass bottom with soft soil filling the floor, plants covered the inside, some rocks and logs creating perch-like mounds. Hammocks and shelves line the top half of the cage, which was a wired enclosure. The floor was littered with balls, bells, and tubes which lead into the dirt. Many toys were hidden in the undergrowth.
“Bringing Shambles this time?”
“Yeah, I don’t want to leave him again.”
A small Stoat-like animal slinks out of a hole in the dirt and climbs a small log that leads up the cage. Detra opens the cage only to have Shamble jump out flying across the room to land on Saatchi’s head.
“HEY!” Saatchi glances up at the small critter only to be licked on the nose by its tiny smooth tongue.
“Look at you two, so adorable” Detra grinned.
“His claws are cutting my ears…” Saatchi grumbled as he picks the little Shambles up, petting his neck.
*** “I’ll find the carry cage, keep him occupied”
Detra runs off and roams the closet of their room. Saatchi gently scratches though the critters tan and grey fur. His pink nose presses against Saatchi as he smiles at him. Worming a finger around Shambles’ mouth gets his attention, the little animal bites down on his finger and Saatchi bats at him with his tail, causing Shambles to take a nip at it.
“Wonder what your ancestors looked like back on earth little guy,” Saatchi said, only to have Shambles look up at him in confusion.
“That’s what I thought.”
“FOUND IT!” Detra stormed in and looked at Saatchi. The carry cage was large enough to get Shambles to the larger cage in the ship. It was barren aside from a few of Shambles toys.
“We need to get him a buddy some time.” she smiled.
“You think we can handle another?” Saatchi asked.
“I’m sure we can.” Detra said as she nudged Shambles into the carry cage. Saatchi grabs a large black messenger bag with his stuff in it before bringing Detra her dark purple rolling bag.
“So, is that everything?” He asked
“I believe so,” she replies. “I still don’t see how any of this other than ship is necessary”
“They haven’t told me everything yet, so that means they are leaving something out, if it’s bad enough we have to investigate, I’m sure we are going to be briefed on it soon.

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Sword of the morning
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Default Re: I finally wrote a chapter im sorta happy with...

Would like to see I second chapter when you done writing.
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Default Re: I finally wrote a chapter im sorta happy with...

I like that. It's very well written and structured.
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Old January 16th, 2018, 12:39 PM   #4
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Default Re: I finally wrote a chapter im sorta happy with...

Please don't bump threads older than 2 months.

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