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Name: Colleen
Join Date: August 10, 2017
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Default FOR GIRLS ONLY: bras, panties, and bikinis (questionnaire)

First name: Colleen

AGE: 14

Country: US

Sexuality: bi

Sex : female

Height: five foot six

Weight: 113 pounds

Religion: none

Body Type (slim athletic, etc.) Curvy and athletic

When did you first start puberty? 11
How did you know you started puberty? I got pubes
How has puberty been for you so far? Up & down a bit emotionally but good for the most part
When did you have your first period? 12
Have you ever had sex? Yup alot

Have you masturbated with friends or family? Yup
Do you masturbate? Yes
How often? Four times a day
Ever been caught masturbating? Yup

Put an X infront of the places you have hair, if you shave, just out shaved after it.

UnderArms [] shaved
Legs [] shaved
Pubes [] shaved

How do you groom (shave\wax\trim) and how often? I always shave my armpits and legs, but for my pubic hair I sometimes shave and sometimes just trim. I shave my underarms about once a week, and tend to my leg and pubic hair every two to three days

What size bra do you wear? 32DD
Do you like to wear:
padded bras? No
sports bras? Yes
underwire bras? Yes
halter bras? Yes
strapless bras? Yes
knit bras? Yes
no bra? Yes
Which is your favorite type to wear on a regular basis? Knit bra or sports bra
Do you find it difficult to find bras that fit you well? Yes from time to time
Where do you like buying your bras at the most? Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, Journelle, Calvin Klein
Have you ever gone out to an everyday place in just your bra (covered below the waist)? Yes
- If yes, what kind(s)? A sports bra
- If yes, where? The gym or quick walks, like going to the store
- If yes, what happened when you did? Nothing special
- If yes, how did people react? I got a few extra oglings but nothing too out of the ordinary

What size panties do you wear (include both # and XS/S/M/L/XL sizes)? 6\M
Do you wear:
briefs (granny panties)? No
bikini panties? No
boyshorts? No
cheeksters? Yes
thongs? Yes
g-strings? No
no panties (commando)? Yes
Which of these is your favorite to wear on a regular basis? Cheeksters
Which do you prefer when playing/doing (Put N/A if you've never participated in the sport)...
- basketball? Thong
- volleyball? None
- soccer? Cheeksters
- softball? Cheeksters
- gymnastics? None
- running? Thong
- tennis? N/A
- other sports (list them)?
- ballet? None
Where do you like buying your panties at the most? Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, Journelle, Calvin Klein, Macy's
Have you ever gone out to an everyday place wearing just panties as bottoms? Yes
- If yes, what kind(s)? Cheeksters
- If yes, where? Just out into the front and back yards at my cousins' house in a less populated area
- If yes, what happened when you did? The 1st couple times I got lightly teased with joking catcalls from friends & family, a few times I surprised the hell out of a few local boys and girls, and other than that it was no big deal
- If yes, how did people react? Some didn't see it as a big deal and others stared\checked me out. See above
If you could by a pair of any type of panties without anyone else knowing, what would it be? I think it's called a "c-string"

Do you prefer wearing a two piece bikini or a once piece swimsuit? Bikini always
Where do you like buying your swimsuits the most? Nordstrom, H&M, PacSun, Aerie
Do you prefer solid colors or prints? Prints
What is your favorite style of bikini/swimsuit and why? Cheekster bikinis, the way they show off both my tits and ass makes me feel super confident
Have you ever gone swimming without wearing a swimsuit (another type of clothing)? Yes
What did you wear? A tanktop and running shorts or a sports bra and a pair of my brother's swim trunks
Have you ever gone swimming completely naked (skinny dipping)? Yup
Do you like to wear a bikini even when you're not swimming? Sometimes but not often
- If yes, do you wear just the bottoms, just the tops or both more often? I've done all three, but just a bikini top and something else the most
- If yes, do you wear them to everyday places? Sometimes
-- If yes, is it both, just the top, or just the bottoms? See above
-- If yes, where? The whole bikini is usually just somewhere close to where I'm swimming like to get ice cream or a drink, although I also wear a full bikini to tan. I'll often wear a bikini top and shorts when I'm roaming around with friends on a hot summer day. And just the bottoms was pretty much only places when vacationing
-- If yes, what happened when you did? Nothing special except the one time the string on my bottoms got snagged and they fell off
-- If yes, how did people react? Mostly how they would react normally but with a noticeable increase of being checked out. The time my bottoms fell everyone in the hotel lobby turned to look\stare
Do you ever mix & match between your bikini tops & bottoms? Not really

Hey guys, like I said in my introductory post, I'm not going to be adding any boys as friends, so please don't ask. Sorry, I have my reasons

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