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Default Discussion/Conversation

I just had a question about conversations created from these posts. Lots of posts I see on here naturally evolve into discussion and they are shut down, crushing more opportunities to discuss and learn.

What I am wondering is why, as mods, you feel you need to stifle conversation if it's going to be beneficial in the end. I understand you want to keep it on topic as much as possible. But I noticed it just happens way more often than it needs to where even taking the topic and expanding on it is frowned upon. Just a thought

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Default Re: Discussion/Conversation

What goes for one goes for all here. There are no exceptions or special treatment of any member when it comes to enforcing the site rules. Therefore, if we allowed conversation to expand beyond the original topic of the thread, not one member but every member would do it and threads would become extremely convoluted. If there's something you see in a thread you wish to expand upon but know that it would be off-topic there, you're welcome to create a new thread in which to discuss it.

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Originally Posted by Desynchronized View Post
Gawd dammit the mods r so cruel.
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Default Re: Discussion/Conversation

Amethyst put it well; I'd just like to emphasize the "new thread" bit. It's a matter of organization, not topic. More than likely you're welcome to make a new thread about a new topic.

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