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Old July 1st, 2016, 02:32 PM   #1
Teenage wasteland
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Name: indi
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Location: gotham city
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Default Why i feel so old if i am so Young…i think

I have 17 years old and I will be 18 in October and I am not happy about it. I think since I have 15 I started to think that I was getting old, and of course that is true but when you are a teenager you don’t think of that you are still a “kid” but I don’t felt like that. I always where a little introverted and I am very selective in my friends, In addition neither in the past or in the present I was interested in modern teenage things like social media, top hits in music, teen TV shows or movies , etc. I don’t like parties and I hate and make me feel uncomfortable dancing or singing in public so I never went to any house party or in places with karaoke I always spend the time in a corner eating or drinking. I not enjoy socializing and I avoid it wherever I can. So basically all my teenager years I was listening to my 60, 70, 80 and 90 playlist and spend all the time daydreaming in a corner, playing with my tablet or reading comics. But now that time keeps passing I believe that I have wasted my teenager years. Now in a couple of mounts I will be a legal adult and not a legal kid. I don’t know if once I hit 18 everybody in society would see me like a completely adult that is supposed to have full responsibilities and that really scares me because I don’t feel like an adult but I feel old. I really don’t see any advantage for me at being 18 because I don’t drink or smoke or I’m interested in nightclubs, casinos or in getting a tattoo or other things that everybody would like to do at 18. I feel that others that are my age are younger than me and the ones that are indeed younger than me I feel that the years of difference between us are too much. I don’t feel like I can have fun like other teenagers and I’m still thinking that every day that passes I’m getting older. But I can’t understand why I feel this way, 17 to 18 is young, right? If it is then why I don’t feel like I am in the best years of my life? I’m not supposed to be full of life and make little stupid things that in a long future will become funny memories that I wish to come back in time and live them again?...i feel stock I look at kids and other teenagers and they are so full of life and I don’t seem to act or enjoy like them. Another thing is that all my friends are one year younger than me because they are my friends of school and my mother put me a year late in school so now I will be in senior with people one or two years younger than me and that does not help me. I think that I will be the first in my grade to be 18. And if I can feel any worst I was watching an episode of the DC comics animated series Young Justice and in that episode an evil wizard kid was making a spell to separate the kids and the adults in two different worlds and there was this scene that this 17 year old was flying a small plane as a favor to another kid and she say something like “I think that we are going to arrive a couple of minutes after midnight and then is my birthday” and the other kid say “wait you would be 18 at midnight?” and when he say that she disappears from the kids world and appears in the adults world because the kids world is for under 18 and the adult world is above 18.
I feel like i a have wasted my childhood and that now that I would be 18 I can’t be a teenager ever again and I have been searching and people say that teenage years don’t end until 19 but I don’t believe that society will see me like a teenager because 18 for everybody is an adult and I don’t feel like one but still I feel old. I just want to stop being so obsessed with this. The most that I have being searching in the internet is if other people feel like this or how they see 18 year old people as kids or adults or teenagers. I have being obsessed with the years of the young actors in the movies or series that I watch. I can only think of my age and if people see me older or not. I just want to feel young because I’m supposed to feel young because I think any human being is supposed to feel young at 17 or 18, right?
What can I do to stop this obsession? i know you must think i am stupid or an idiot for this but i cant help feeling this way

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Old July 4th, 2016, 04:09 AM   #2
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Name: Dan
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Default Re: Why i feel so old if i am so Young…i think


You should read The Catcher in the Rye. It's so similar to the problem you're having.

A lot of teenagers have this problem when they're becoming adults. We'll look back and see bad memories, bullying, bad grades, yelling at our parents, doing drugs, breaking the law, etc. etc.. But, for the bads there are goods. A helpful exercise might be to try to list some good memories from your childhood and through your teenage years.

Also, life isn't super entertaining, especially in your teenage years. A lot of it is just discovering who you are and looking for answers. The innocent years of your childhood will indeed be relived periodically throughout your adulthood. You will feel those feelings again in various, sometimes random instances. You may one day be sitting with old friends and the feeling will just return, and, sure enough, you'll then know that teenage way of life does not end at the cusp of adulthood, but rather it only becomes less frequent.
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Old July 6th, 2016, 05:45 PM   #3
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Name: Jamie
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Location: Minnesota
Age: 19
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Default Re: Why i feel so old if i am so Young…i think

I don't think that you are stupid in any way. A lot of the feelings and things that you mentioned I have the same thoughts and feelings. I too will be 18 in October. It seems like yesterday I was 10 and now 8 years flew by. I think we all feel like we have missed things in life and think wow now I can't be a kid anymore. Hang in there and start living get out in the world. No one should look at you wrong or put you down. I think you will get the hang of it give new things a try. Good luck man.

I am gay and happy with that.
I love talking to people very open & willing to listen.
I am also glad to try help with questions or problems.
Hit me up for anything. I promise I don't bite.
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