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Old July 10th, 2013, 05:56 AM   #1
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Name: Kim
Join Date: July 8, 2013
Location: Australia
Gender: Female
Question Misconceptions about ADHD fromt hose who should no better

I have a teacher at school who is soo infuriating when it comes to the topic of "special needs". She was teaching us about it for our class (Children, Family and Community) and she was so stupid on the topic, she kept telling me 'i know what you mean blah blah bla... but i have a student who is in year 8 and has ADHD and is very agressive" (she said this after i blatantly pointed out that not all people who have ADHD are agressive). i"m just glad my mum later told me to show her what a 'real stereotypical ADHD child was like" -- best advice ever. I have always been brought up to lissten to adults and do as instructed, so manypeople don't always think of me as having it. I am normally quite shy, reserved and prefer to be in small groups than larger gatherings. I think my parents actually forget that I have ADHD, hell even i do myself. What gets annoying is that so many adults try and tell us that we don't understand our own disorder, and treat us as if 'yes sweety shut up and listen you may have this disorder but you know nothign about it' sort of attitude. To prove her wrong, when we had to do a powerpoint on our chosen "special need" i spent 45 minutes (it was a double lesson which all up was 90 mins soo yeah) teling her specifially the differences between a child with ADHD and the stereotypes and how yes the media is right to a certain degree, howeveer, not all children with ADHD are extreemly agressive or pinging off of the walls. I for one, once I am focussed on the task often sit and try and do as much as posible becasue I know that later on it will probably be harder to concerntrate. I find it soo funny how people, especially adults, try and tell us to not always believe the stereotypes of the media and to actually think about things, yet they do the exact same thing - hypocrites. Oh yeah, has anybody else been told they weren't a "normal chid" because they have ADHD or other disorders like Epilepsy or were born prem, coz the teacher i was talkign about aboe told my friend and I that we were so I took my mums advice and told her (albiet rudely) that maybe she is the one who isnot 'normal' as there is no such thing, also if we were normal that would make us abnormal as nobody is perfectly normal. Confusing logic i no but oh well. What i mean to say is my teachers an idiot and i wanted to know if anybody else has had teachers or even parents make such stupid comments as well?
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Old July 10th, 2013, 01:06 PM   #2
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Name: James
Join Date: November 17, 2012
Location: Las Vegas
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Default Re: Misconceptions about ADHD fromt hose who should no better

My science teacher. She was trying to teach about bivalves, and fungi and such. But she knows nothing about the topic. She had to google everything. According to her, there are five good kids and everyone else is a bunch of shitheads. She constantly lies to us, and falsely puts in grades, and to top it off she put checks on the citisenship for no reason. She always gets us in trouble for no reason, but when we tell other teachers that, they think we're lying. It's horrible.
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