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Default Keep Safe on VT

Thank you to Max Mirage for helping me with the video and content, and to the entire VirtualTeen Staff (past and present) as a whole for editing, reviewing, and adding on to this guide.


Section 1 – General Internet Safety

The Internet has become an amazing way of communicating. On VT, we have members from all corners of the world, which gives you a vast array people to socialize with and get to know. However, this also presents you with the question, “do I really know who I’m taking to?”
Anyone can pretend to be anyone on the Internet. For example, someone could pretend to be much younger than they actually are. By doing so, they could be taking advantage of you without you knowing what’s really going on. This can lead you into any number of problems and complications, and it’s definitely something you want to stay away from.

Some details you should ALWAYS keep to yourself when online, no matter how much you think you can trust that person:

• Your address, town, or city.
• Your telephone number
• Any detail(s) which could result in you being harassed, solicited, or have your, or your family’s privacy invaded.

You would be amazed how many teenagers would quite happily hand over their address to someone on the Internet. This is extremely risky due as that person could easily end up being an adult and they may pay you a visit, which you certainly don’t want.
To be quite honest, you should never fully trust anyone on the Internet, no matter how well you think you know them.
There are plenty of people out there who are manipulative and are able to convince you, or anyone, that what they say is true. Always remember you aren’t there with them and you don’t know them offline, so you never know how much they may be making up for attention, manipulation, or any of that.

Of course, we’re not saying you should always doubt others or never believe what you hear. You should, however, take everything “with a grain of salt.” If something seems too fake or outrageous to be true, no matter how much you think you trust the person (or how much they “trust” you), there’s a good chance that it may be fake. If you ever feel like this is happening to you, tell someone in your life (not someone you met online), that you trust, and be honest with them about the situation.

If you want some more details about how to keep yourself safe online visit


Section 2 – Virtual Teen’s Chat Room

VirtualTeen’s chat room provides an ideal way to socialize with fellow members of the forums without giving out contact details or spamming the forum with conversations. However, with this feature being open to all members, it comes with dangers, and must be used with care.

While in the chat room, there is a very small chance you may hear someone ask to “trade pictures or cam,” or give out your contact details (e.g. MSN, Skype, IMs, or even your phone number, etc…)
This is against the rules of Virtual Teen, and we do not allow conversations like that on any part of the site. If someone contacts you in the chat like this, or if they are trying to solicit you, or they are going against the rules of Virtual Teen, take a screen shot by pressing the “Print Screen” or the ”PrtScr” key on your keyboard. Then, contact a staff member (either via PM or their listed email address), and show them the image.
Please do not try to handle it yourself. If you see this situation occurring, just take the screenshot, and ignore the "problem user" completely. If a member of staff is in chat when this happens, they will handle it. Therefore, it is completely unnecessary for any member to tell the user who broke the rules what they're doing is wrong, as it does not help the situation.

If your still unsure what button to press click here.

If you're on a Macintosh/Apple computer, assuming you left all settings default, you can click Command+Shift+3 to take a screenshot, and it will likely be saved to your desktop.

Please refer to the following videos for a "step by step" guide of reporting an inappropriate user in the chatroom.

PC Guide: Made by Mirage:

Mac Guide: Made by StoppingTime:


Section 3 – Virtual Teen’s Private Messaging System

The Private Messaging system (PM) is a great way to communicate with other members and staff without spamming the forum with conversation, and keeping it private too. It is also ideal to get advice privately from a member you feel you can trust. However, some people unfortunately misuse this system and therefore break VT’s Rules.

By using the PM System, you understand that Administrators of the site have every right to search through your messages for any suspicious or illicit activity. We understand some members may feel this as an invasion of privacy, but we do it to catch people abusing the system. Administrators will never search PMs unless they have a creditable reason to, and you should still feel that PMs are a private way of talking "one-on-one" with other members. Just remember the PM system has the same rules as posting: you must not ask for someone’s phone number, home address, or for them to trade pictures with you, etc…. If you’re caught doing any of these kind of activities, your PM feature will be disabled, or worse, your account may be banned entirely to ensure the safety of other members.

If you receive a PM which you feel is suspicious or endangering you safety, we implore you to report the PM immediately with an explanation. This can be done pressing button on the top of the PM message. The message and reason will then be read by the staff who will quickly determine the appropriate action(s) which will be taken.

Only members with 100+ posts may use the Private Messaging system. This is not to make it hard to start PMing, but to ensure your safety. It makes it much harder for a potential cammer or soliciting member to contact you this way, as they will likely be caught before they reach 100 posts.

Please remember if a member asks you to “trade pictures,” or anything like this, you are not in any trouble unless you participate. It is best simply ignore this message and report it straight away, that way, we know you weren’t involved in the activity, and you will not be punished.


Section 4 – Who Do I Contact?

If you need help or have any questions in regards to anything that has come up in this guide, or anything in general, please contact any staff member. If you ever feel any member is trying to solicit you into giving them personal information or anything else which is not allowed, instead of trying to handle it yourself or talk them out of it, contact one of us.
Please remember the report button is the best way to report questionable content; however if you need immediate help please contact either one of our Administrators or Global Moderators, as they will be able to help you if the banning of a member is needed. Otherwise, you may contact any active member of staff, and the matter will be dealt in a professional, mature manner.
This can be done either through Private Messaging them (found by going to their profile), or by contacting them through the email address they have in their signature.
A list of current staff members is available here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, and to understand what is written. It is an utmost priority of the staff to ensure everyone's safety on Virtual Teen. What has been covered in this guide is not meant to spoil your fun, scare you, or limit you in any way. Rather, it's so we can do our best to keep everyone safe. Any member of the staff can help you with any problems you may have (be it personal or site related). Please do not feel uncomfortable to approach any of us if you need something, as that is why we are here. We hope you have an enjoyable experience here on the forums!

Stay Safe VT’ers!

~The VirtualTeen Staff

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