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Old January 19th, 2012, 05:23 PM   #1
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Name: Rylie
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Default Over-diagnosed

Does anyone else feel like Bipolar Disorder is overly diagnosed? is offline   Reply With Quote
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Default Re: Over-diagnosed

Yes it is. ADHD and Bipolar are highly over diagnosed.
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Name: Matty
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Default Re: Over-diagnosed

Originally Posted by Martin22 View Post
Yes it is. ADHD and Bipolar are highly over diagnosed.
I was just going to say this. I swear 30% of my school is either bipolar or ADD/ADHD
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Old January 30th, 2012, 01:02 AM   #4
Ocean Soul
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Name: Rith
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Default Re: Over-diagnosed

Doctors these days seem to be getting more focused on naming and fixing the problem asap rather than accuracy. A wise doctor will rarely ever diagnose a child/teenager with bipolar disorder unless there's more than enough evidence. We're looking at concrete evidence or more than severe behaviour that needs to be corrected. The only reason my psychologist agrees with my bipolar diagnosis is because my mum is bipolar, therefore making the possibility of me being bipolar much more likely, the statistics around have been said to be anywhere between 1 in 10 and 1 in 2. Probably leaning closer to 1 in 10 of course. But otherwise, my psychologist would probably like to wait a bit before I'm well-out of my teen years. She's actually doing that with the prospect of me having schizophrenia as well, she won't look into it until I'm older, and prefers to consider me bipolar because I have the genetic risk.

The issue is that children are very... unstable. Whether it's anger issues, teenage rebellion, hormones, there are so many more explanations for that behaviour. Including other mental disorders entirely. It is most appropriate to diagnose a mood or personality disorder around an age where most people should have grown out of this juvenile behaviour. If their issues extend into adulthood, then we know that there is at least an issue there to be solved, whether it's just a behavioural issue that needs to be dealt with or a mental disorder that needs to be treated. Truth is, I don't think many of the people in this field actually care about their patients as long as they're getting paid. And I have years of proof to back up that statement.

ADHD I think holds some of the same issues. I don't have experience with ADHD but I'm sure what is happening is that doctors are just quicker to diagnose. I'm sure probably even half of the kids diagnosed with ADHD don't actually have it, they just exhibit slight symptoms that are associated with the disorder but not enough that there is cause for concern. I'd probably bet if I went to a doctor willing to diagnose me, I could walk out with an ADHD diagnosis as well. Some commonly associated symptoms exist in many, many people. Like OCD. I'm sure loads of people, if not everyone, could find at least one single symptom of OCD that they have. Same with ADHD. Many people can get a little hyper and fidgety, and if the circumstances are right anyone could have issues with paying attention.

I've known one person who was diagnosed with ADHD, a friend of mine back in school. If anyone has ADHD, it's probably him. He was a playful little bugger even on his medication. Purely terrifying when he didn't take his meds.

See, I don't understand the need for doctors to treat things that are just abnormal and not detrimental or a nuisance to deal with. I mean, other than the money they get for it. I'm not medicated, and my symptoms are moderate to severe I'd say, depending on the day. And I get along... relatively fine most days. Though most people with my severity of symptoms probably are medicated, I'm still able to function well as a member of society and I don't let my symptoms get in the way of things like my job. And my friend had a strong case himself, something that simply needed some treatment, therapy if not medication. If they're just a little hyperactive and it doesn't affect their grades or their ability to function, why medicate them? There simply is no justified reason. There's more reason to diagnose them than medicate them, but the purpose of diagnosis is to be able to be better able to treat them for their symptoms. That's the second reason my psychologist isn't concerned about diagnosing me with schizophrenia, she knows I won't take medication anyway. So simply, what's the point?

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Name: Alexis
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Location: Minnesota
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Default Re: Over-diagnosed

Borderline Personality Disorder seems like it's also very common to diagnose.
Most of the time, I believe giving an official diagnosis is the only way to sell drugs to teenagers, and thus make more money.

My psych was reluctant to diagnose me with anything but PTSD so now I have an "NOS" (or "other" dx.) until another few months when evaluations can be done again and we can get more concrete proof of illness.

Other than that, everything else I had wanted to say was already said.

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Mortal Coil
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Name: Ellen
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Default Re: Over-diagnosed

I only know one person who has been (in my opinion) wrongly diagnosed with Bipolar. The doctor who diagnosed him has to be half blind since the guy's cycles are WAY too fast for it to be bipolar. I'm a high schooler and I can see it, why can't a guy with a medical degree?

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Name: Rylie
Join Date: January 19, 2012
Location: USA
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Yeah I was diagnosed bipolar 2 months ago. I showed all the signs though, physically aggressive, 3 week cycles. I feel some people fake it too. "oh my mood swings like all the time" I'm sorry Hun but that's called ur f-ing period. I hate people that just go looking for a mental illness. Like it's cool or something. When everyone who actually has it knows it's complete hell. is offline   Reply With Quote
Old February 5th, 2012, 06:20 AM   #8
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Name: Georgia
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Location: uk
Age: 23
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Default Re: Over-diagnosed

This kind of thing has always interested me. Not just bipolar, but clinical depression as well. I'm doing a project in school for some extra qualification, and I'm doing it on mental illness' and whether they're "real" or just some kind of social construct. I haven't done it yet, I'm still looking at statistics and stuff at the moment so I haven't formed an opinion yet.

But, already I've been that the pharmacutical industry makes billions of dollars from anti depressents. It's in their interest to over diagnose mental illness, especially mood disorders, because it means they make money.

I think there's a fine line between clinical depression, and a "normal" reaction to a situation, where a doctor would gladly diagnose depression and prescribe medication. I'm sure there are plently of people with a genuine disorder, but the term "depression" is used so openly, that feeling depressed can mean anything from just having a bad day to feeling suicidal every day.

They wanted to give me medication, and I wasn't even diagnosed with anything. Even bipolar can be used openly. Someone that's up and down a few times in a day can be described as bipolar, when anyone who's even bothered to google it will know that it's not up and down a few times a day, that's called hormones, especially at our age.
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Old February 7th, 2012, 06:11 PM   #9
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Name: Rylie
Join Date: January 19, 2012
Location: USA
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Yeah it just annoys me...kinda a touchy subject is offline   Reply With Quote

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