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Old December 1st, 2011, 07:24 PM   #1
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Name: alleah
Join Date: November 24, 2011
Gender: Female
Default If only they knew....triggering

So i have tried to be open and honest with several people that I really trust. But no one seems to get how far into this I really am. I am approaching 100 cuts up and down my thighs. Cuts worse than I have ever done before. I havent come out and just said that but I have hinted at it several times and it seems like no one is getting it. I want help but I am not sure what that help would be.....
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Old December 1st, 2011, 10:11 PM   #2
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Name: Bethany
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Location: South FL
Age: 23
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Default Re: If only they knew....triggering

It doesn't matter the amount of cuts, just the fact that they're there is a cry enough for help. Nobody is going to know unless you tell somebody, and I know it's difficult. It's funny how telling somebody is more difficult than the actual breaking of your skin...

You're not alone in this, I've faced this issue too. You have to tell somebody, you know that already. It's all the issue of who and how and when. Sleep on it, gather the courage, and do your best in explaining to somebody who matters how you feel. The struggle of getting better is worth it.

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Old December 3rd, 2011, 07:17 AM   #3
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Name: Laura
Join Date: August 13, 2011
Gender: Female
Default Re: If only they knew....triggering

You can ask for help, im sure anyone you ask would love to help you.
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Old December 5th, 2011, 12:54 AM   #4
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Name: Alice-Faye
Join Date: December 3, 2011
Location: Hell
Age: 24
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Default Re: If only they knew....triggering

Unfortunatly people don't pick up on hints when what youre hinting at is something they dont wan to have happned. The only way to get someone to notice is to site them down and tell them (possibly show them if even then they just aren't getting it). Help is out there but you have to ask for it coz no one'll just guess. Good Luck
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Old December 5th, 2011, 06:21 AM   #5
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Name: Sonja
Join Date: December 2, 2011
Location: Iceland
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Default Re: If only they knew....triggering

You have to tell them how bad it is. People didn't really understand me until I showed them and told them how I felt and how this was destroying me. Just explain to them, because they need to understand to help....

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Old December 5th, 2011, 08:58 PM   #6
Name: ryan
Join Date: September 11, 2011
Location: new jersey
Gender: Male
Default Re: If only they knew....triggering

basically they are right out right tell them or even show them (i did)
the people i showed (ex, new gf, and my parents saw) were like amazed... not in a good way
i first told my ex... shes like oh its stupid and yur dumb for it and now im starting to break down (cuz i cut because of her) and i lift up my pant leg and i say see do yu see these and know how much fucking pain yu have to be in
she literally took a gasp turned away and broke down... i had maybe 30 from not deep to semi deep on me (counting parts of letters as a diff line) she had no idea and she thought it was so bad)
next she told her parents in turn told mine... then father and i got in a fight and it came up i showed him and said see this is wat happens when yu feel alone and cant go to yur own father for help (long story about fight) but in hind sight wen we talked it out he said he had no idea he thought like one or two scratch marks not my whole thigh...
then i showed my new gf one night (i dnt hide anything from my girl friends) and im pretty sure i told her befor i showed her and shes like i had no idea...
basically some people might think yu cut but not to the extent that it is and coming out and telling them even showing them will deff get the point across.
in my case my ex told her parents to tell mine for me to get help i was fucking pissed at her (still am i dnt trust her anymore really) but she potentially could have saved my life (if yu think about it) and she knew tht and she knew i was gonna be mad. she knew that she could have lost my friend ship (supposedly the best she had) because of her telling but she told me she didnt care she wanted me to be safe.

and thts the thing tell yur closest friend and no matter what they do if they are extremely close to yu they will know wat to do. my friend could have saved my life and im thank ful for tht and i hope this helps
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