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Old April 28th, 2018, 03:46 AM   #81
Knight of Blood
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Name: Ren Hek
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Default Re: Ren's Comprehensive List of Sexual Myths


I appreciate your feedback! This thread was made a long time ago in one night, and I didn’t really update it much as far as I remember, which is unfortunate, because it really is and has been an important topic to me. I don’t come on much anymore, adult life’s a bitch, but if I have the time, I’ll try to add your input if I can.

As to everyone else, I guess it’s kind of the same as the above. I appreciate your comments and feedback over the past (4...?) years, and if I’m available to, will try and add what I feel is constructive. (It’s just kind of an undertaking- please be patient with me)

Old fart
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Old December 22nd, 2018, 05:49 AM   #82
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Name: Chris
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Default Re: Ren's Comprehensive List of Sexual Myths

Karkat hasnt been on in 6 months, but i still think its worth correcting her circumcision facts for everyone else so they dont get the wrong idea.
1. Myth: Circumcision is never necessary, it should be done away with entirely.

Fact: Some have circumcision due to certain health problems. Some choose to be circumcised.

Fact according to Canadian, British and pretty much all other developed countries medical and pediatric associations(only going to say that once): circumcision as practiced in america and by jews and muslims is never medically necessary unless they have cancer or a freak accident which is the same for every other organ. phimosis is not only treatable by cutting off half of the penile skin, it can be treated through the application of steroidal cream and painless gentle stretching. not only that its rare, only about 1% of uncut men have it and of that 1%, 99% can use cream and stretching to treat it. the other .01% of the total would need a very minor surgery amputating just the very tip of foreskin, not the whole thing and frenulum included which is circumcision. its also undiagnosable in kids before puberty because the foreskin is supposed to be fused to the glans(head) so any cases of it before then are misdiagnosed. kids can have phimosis but its impossible to tell if its just fused still or if its actually too tight. you can only tell after puberty. there are no health problems that would justify amputating half of the penile skin and frenulum, im very pleased to say that, it would suck if there were. even if you had a freak accident, diabetes or cancer, its extremely unlikely it would warrant the complete amputation of the foreskin. very few choose too, but most dont have a choice.
2. Myth: There are no medical advantages to circumcision.

Fact: Circumcision leads to decreased risk of STIs, UTIs, and penile cancer. Also, there are some problems that may make it hard or impossible for the foreskin to retract, which circumcision would solve.

Fact: pretty much already answered most of this in the other one, but ill address the claim that its decreases your risk of catching stis utis and cancer, because i already answered the inability to retract (phimosis). the research done showing circumcision reduces stis was done entirely by americans and is not proven. theres also research that found that Langerhans cells found in the foreskin are a natural barrier to HIV infection, which are lost in circumcision. so the research goes both ways and isnt conclusive at all on that. same thing with utis. anyone can get a uti, cut or uncut. getting circumcised never cures utis, even if you do youll still need antibiotics. even american doctors will admit that. so it really doesnt matter, in terms of preventing them the difference is so small its irrelevant. we're talking .01%, 3% to 2.99%. as for cancer, having less cells means theres less cells to become cancerous, so thats literally true for cutting any tissue off, its math. penile cancer is also incredibly rare as it is, 1 in 10,000 and we know that even scar tissue can become cancerous which all cut men have.
3. Myth: Circumcision makes sex unenjoyable/more enjoyable.

Fact: (My boyfriend would seem to think it can still be enjoyable!) Circumcised males can have just as satisfying sex lives as uncircumcised males.

Fact: circumcision does effect sensitivity and pleasure, the question is how much. studies are inconclusive, but id say common sense can answer it pretty easily. less skin means less surface area, which means less friction means less sensation. also less nerves would mean less sensation too. so you have less nerves, skin to make contact for friction and the glans becomes desensitized after the procedure because without the protective skin around it, it becomes calloused. which means it builds a layer of dead skin around it which means less sensation. the same thing would happen to your eyes if they didnt have eye lids to protect and lubricate them, which is what the foreskin does.

alright theres that, but ill add some more to wrap it up. circumcision is the amputation of the foreskin, including the frenulum. its about half of the total penis skin on average, every cut is different, some are more some are less than half. its typically done to infants in america. this is a permanent body modification of an infants body, without any medical necessity. its amputating healthy tissue of an unconsenting person. that is a big deal, it literally changes their life and body forever and they never were given the chance to say no. for that reason alone i could never do it to a son of mine, its not my body and theres no reason too. i would let him decide for himself how much of his body he wants to keep. which im pretty sure all guys would like to keep as much of their dicks as possible, i might be going out on a limb though.

Feel free to pm me about anything, I'm more than happy to talk, Especially about coldplay
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Old February 7th, 2019, 03:09 PM   #83
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Name: Melissa
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Default Re: Ren's Comprehensive List of Sexual Myths

Informative for sure
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Old April 11th, 2019, 10:10 PM   #84
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Name: Elise
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Default Re: Ren's Comprehensive List of Sexual Myths

Great list. I read some of those and was shocked that some people believe those myths. Then I realized that's why we need lists like these!

13, lesbian, into science, sports, and politics
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