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Old July 27th, 2013, 04:17 PM   #1
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Name: Joe
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Post Happy or insane?

OK so for a long time i was just depressed and dull because i was bullied for a LONG LONG time (6 years of hell on earth), that made me hate the world and everyone in it.
But recently (last 4 days) i have felt happy about everything, even getting shot down when asking someone out didn't get me down. I feel compleatly different, just sheet bliss about everything in my life.
But that made me wonder if it was to good to be true, i was VERY stressed before this sudden change and i think i may have snapped because i just don't care anymore, if i look stupid to others, if i am in danger, if i am about to do something that may hurt others i don't care anymore. I have also started to break down into insane laughing fits that i cant stop for about 2 mins and i am wondering if i have finally fallen of the edge of the abyss i have been feeling for some time. Also i have developed an awful tendency to just act without thinking about it at all, for instance today i went for a 8 mine walk with no shade (it is 28C and sunny) no water and no sun protection and didn't think at all about the consequences, and the funny thing is when i was in the middle of no ware and very dehydrated and lost i just took of my shirt and started to laugh at the world as if i was invincible, i now have heat stroke and very bad sun burn but i still feel to good to be true and don't care that i am in pain and if i could i would probably do it agane, that is not the only really dum thing i have done, i also went and purposefully stepped in front of a car and nearly got run down and simply laughed at the thought of it, did the same thing with a tractor, and nearly decided to run into a moving train.
This only happens when i am in a very good mood, i just tend to lose all grip on reality and do dum things
Have any of you ended up losing grip on reality when you get to excited?

I think i may have a problem accepting reality because i just ignore it.
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Old August 1st, 2013, 02:57 AM   #2
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Name: John
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Location: Oregon
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Default Re: Happy or insane?

Well, the train part is a consern. Do you know how much manual labour and time it takes to wipe blood off of a
train? Anyway, i think you shoud se a doc about it or something.
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Old August 21st, 2013, 07:40 AM   #3
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Name: Angel Stalker
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Default Re: Happy or insane?

You should talk to an expert about this, I mean, if your life is at stake, you should be careful and go talk to someone who knows these things.

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Old August 24th, 2013, 11:43 AM   #4
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Default Re: Happy or insane?

Hi there,
This feeling you're having is neither happiness, nor insanity. What you describing is called "mania" or a "manic" state.
See if this fits with what's you're going through (these are the symptoms of mania)
Manic symptoms may include:

overly inflated self-esteem
decreased need for rest and sleep
increased distractibility and irritability
increased physical agitation
excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that may result in painful consequence; this may include provocative, aggressive, or destructive behavior
increased talkativeness
excessive "high" or euphoric feelings
increased sex drive
increased energy level
uncharacteristically poor judgment
increased denial

If this fits what you're feeling, please talk to a therapist or counselor or doctor. It is very dangerous to be manic. You could end up hurting or killing yourself and other people. Being manic is found in more than one pysch disorder, but is most commonly a part of being Bipolar.

Please get help ASAP. Stay strong.
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