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Old January 21st, 2007, 08:51 AM   #1
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Unhappy Depression = sickness.

Ever since i started high school i have been depressed. I am now entering my fourth year at the school and im not sure whether i can take it any more. So many things are expected of me throughout the year, and i just cannot stop thinking about them all. I have 1 week left of holidays and im worried sick. Seriously, i cant sleep, im always feeling sick, and i hate leaving the house. I am always nervous, going to school, going to shops, going out with friends. I think i dont like thinking about other people thinking about me. Every morning i will get out of bed and be nervous all up untill i get to school.

I always rely on other people to help me through my school life. I always need someone to help me with something. If i dont know where to go, i need someone to help me. (I guess im not to independant, because i cant find out for myself). I am also not too great at sport of fitness or any of that, and going to a sporty school probably doesnt help. I always have hiking camps, swimming/running/athletics and basically everything else sporty carnivals and such on, and i guess i just cant cope.

I have tried cutting, and it did make me feel better at the time, and then i felt better the next few days, and then i never cut again.

What can i do? I get nervous going to counsellors and stuff, but i guess its my only choice. If i try and tell my parents, i think that they will just ignore me, or just believe i am making stuff up. Plz help! Thanks everyone.
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Old January 21st, 2007, 09:02 AM   #2
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Default Re: Depression = sickness.

Ok your not realy depressed.. The fear of other people and/or what they think of you is actualy some psychological disorder.. I know I have it and it was stronger before.. I was afraid to go in a classroom if I was late or anything like that and 1 million things on top of that.. but basicly from your post as I can see thats your only problem fear of what ppl think of you and the things expected from you.. I dont know perhaps youd need counseling against it but in reality all that would help is if you just tell yourself in your head when your afraid that its nothing realy I mean what can other people do? They have opinions you have your opinions, in reality most people are worried about what others think of them.. Sry if I misunderstood your post but I hope this helped

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Old January 21st, 2007, 09:06 AM   #3
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Default Re: Depression = sickness.

If its yoiur fourth year of high school, doesnt that mean high school is alomost over? Im in my fourth year too and im graduating this june. Omg, believe me, i cant wait to leave all the drama queens of my school behind, lol.

i dunno if ur talking about the same experiences i had, but i was pretty stressed out. ALways crying, and coming here to VT when I felt like OMG!!!!

I think u need to take things easier. Wat exactly makes you nervous? Like, are there people in school who make you uneasy? Are you depressed because your parents expect more out of you in terms of your schoolwork?

send me a pm if you want.

btw, i suck at sports too, so whenever i play sports in PE class, everyone is like "ugh, Jowie". but who cares??? just try your best and other than that, its like whatever. u cant be the only kid in your school who sucks at sports.

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Old January 21st, 2007, 12:42 PM   #4
schrei jess
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Default Re: Depression = sickness.

The fear of people and being around people is called Social Anxiety Disorder, I had it during my first and second year of clinical depression, but Im over it now. Zoloft is a good medicene for that, it is what I took.

You should see a psychiatrist and get diagnosed, figure out what you really have. It doesnt sound like clinical depression, but Im not a doctor. Though it does sound like Social Anxiety Disorder, it is a pain to have, I know. I hated going anywhere, being around anyone I didnt know, always felt that I was being stared at or talked about, it drove me crazy. Id get nervous in crowds or around anyone new.

I may not be fully cured of it, btw. I dont get nervous like that anymore, and I dont mind as much being around people, but I still feel like Im being talked about or stared at, which might just be paranoia. I just dont have the huge problem of being around people.


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