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Old April 17th, 2019, 08:48 AM   #1
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Name: Arfy
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Default Preparing for disappointment

Okay I know all these things are like little in the big picture but they are bothering me. How would you like prepare ig.

1. I applied for honors English in school next year and my grades are top 25% of the people that applied but Iím not real popular so I donít think Iím gonna get in.

2. I applied for a regular writers spot to cover xc since I run it and other stuff for the newspaper at school. If I donít get it bc they give it to someone else ima b pissed.

3. I turn 16 so I could apply for my drivers license but Iím pretty sure my dadís gonna tell me I have to wait until next summer so 7 more months after my birthday.

4. Related to that my sister got a car the day she turned 16 is it unfair to expect the same thing? The original deal was it would be a third car for the family but now sheís taking to to college so itís hers.

5. Again sheís going to college in the fall and I already hear the money is going to be tight speeches. How do you cope when sheís getting the school she wants but thereís a good chance I wonít get the same?

6. My phone was a hand me down but t worked kinda ok. Itís ancient. Now I should be up for a new one but my youngest sister turned 10 and going to the middle school next year so now my parents are like she needs a phone and my middle sister decided she needs a new phone so should I just expect to get ignored again? How is it fair tho?

Sorry to vent I donít expect anyone to reply and I do expect the hate DMs but it sucks. I mean I totally expect to get crapped on but how do you prepare for a life of being crapped on? Like you look at one thing itís like eh that sucks but I look at all of them plus lots more plus other crap and I get panicky. I know my life could suck a lot worse than it does. I try to just be happy and smile and be friendly but little insignificant stuff just eats away from my inside and I need to figure out how to cope. Sorry for wasting time.
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Name: Liam
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Default Re: Preparing for disappointment

It's a commonly known rant, especially for second elders or siblings in the middle.

But maybe you are like my older bro, who, like you, was as pissed off from life and family between 15 - 17.

He often complained about the same things ... that our older sis got all the attention from Mom and that she were allowed to study in Paris. Such stuff.

Or that I lived with dad, and that dad spend so much time with me and he, my brother, had to move with Mom to the far north of Sweden because she wanted to start a new life. First, they moved to a country whose language he didn't speak, and second, to top it more, they moved to an area where there were only trees and moose.

And then he complained that mom was paying too much attention to him. He was 17 then. Almost an adult.

What he didn't see was that our mom had many problems after the divorce herself, even though she then found very quickly a good job. Or she created it, because she's an selfemployed adult.

Our sister felt the same way like mom.

So in the mind of Mom, our sister needed more help and attention, while she thought my brother was coping well with his life. He had his friends with whom he hang a lot, and who always was busy with various projects. And in school he got best grades.

So what are parents doing then? They take care of those of their kids who obviously have bigger problems.

Well, and he never said anything to mom about his probs either. Only to me in video chats. And Dad often invited him to travel with us, but he refused, for whatever reasons.

Maybe you're trying to see it from this perspective. And when you realize parallels, think about the position to your parents and siblings. In any case, you as a boy may be expected to get along better in life than your sisters.

At least my dad admitted it when he once said daughters need more attention than sons.

That could also be the view of your parents. And if this view isn't correct, you have to correct it. At at least try to do so. But raising up parents is more difficult than trying the same with a bunch of pubescent peers.

"Life is that prison you'll never leave alive."

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